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Registered NDIS Service Provider Sydney | OSAN ABILITY

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a reform that aims to improve the lives of people with disability in Australia. As a registered and approved for NDIS service provider in Sydney, OSAN Ability Assist is able to provide you with choice and control by providing world class support.

Safety Tips To Safety Tips To Live Independent At Home By Aged Care Providers

With growing age, most of the older adults in Australia are willing to live independently at home. That’s why OSAN Ability Assist, one of the industry-leading Aged Care Providers in Sydney shares some useful tips that can be made to help older adults to stay independent and safe at their home.

How to Find the Best NDIS Provider in Sydney

The NDIS aims to give you more independence and support, which is why you are free to choose your NDIS provider. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to find an individual or organisation that best suits your needs, but it can also feel overwhelming with the sheer amount of providers out there. Here are some tips for finding the best NDIS provider for you.

Home Care Asistance in Sydney | Home Care Services Sydney | Osan Ability Assist

A home care assistance is not only convenient for you, but also for your family and friends too. For example, with home carers around, they do not need to worry about your day-to-day activities like transportation, feeding, cleaning, walking, watching TV, or community participation. This can reduce stress for everybody involved around you.

Diabetes Care in Older Adults: Elderly Care Sydney

Diabetes is regarded one of the most serious health diseases among the world’s population, especially in older adults. It is regarded as silent killer as it slowly contributes in declining of health. Thus, most elderly care providers in Sydney keep a special plan for diabetic adults during a residential aged care.

5 Benefits of Working as an Aged Care Provider in Sydney

Working as an aged care provider or nurse is not always an easy job to. It is more of a ‘responsibility’ than to be a ‘just another job’. However, it has certain rewarding benefits. But like any other job, when embarking on aged care industry, you need to do your research and make sure whether or not the role will be fitting for you.

Keeping Stronger Bones at Older Age: Aged Care Sydney

Focusing on your diet, exercise and talking to your trusted health professional or aged care provider will help you prevent or slow down poor bone health. There is plenty you can do today to work towards having stronger bones for the rest of your life.

Protecting People with Disability During The Covid-19 Pandemic

People with disability are at significant risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, but you’d be forgiven for not knowing this as Australia’s senior government officials and politicians have barely mentioned disability.

6 Audit Tips for NDIS Providers

Have your audit evidence organised and ready to present. Your auditor will be well impressed, and even relieved – go on, ask us how we know this. The more you understand NDIS Practice Standards and NDIS audits, the more successful this will be. But if you don’t have a lot of experience, give it a try anyway – audits are learning experiences. And, while auditors generally want to see the same things, they each have their own style of working – so if you haven’t predicted everything correctly, don’t be disheartened.

Victorian Health Authorities Ramp up Measures to Prevent Newmarch House Repeat

A single case of coronavirus in an aged care home is being handled the same way a major outbreak would be, as Victorian authorities work to prevent a repeat of the deadly Newmarch House cluster in NSW.

Four Melbourne nursing homes remained in lockdown on Tuesday evening, after coronavirus claimed its 100th victim in Australia, a 93-year-old woman who died at Newmarch House.

Residents of Aged Care Providers Can Now Move In With Family

People in nursing homes will be allowed to move back in with family during emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic without facing extra fees. Residents of aged care providers will be able to move out of nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic without losing their place or copping extra charges.

Nutrition Care For Children With Autism: Ndis Provider’s Guidance

According to an expert study & research, children suffering from autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder) are five times more likely to have food time complications such as extreme food sensitivity and ritualistic eating behaviors. Children with Autism likely to consume a lower intake of calcium and protein due to these challenges.

10,000 New Free Tafe Places Funded As Part Of Covid-19 Recovery Plan: NDIS Provider News

Victoria's free TAFE program will be expanded, with 10,000 more places created in fields the Victorian government says will help the state recover from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

The places will be offered in four TAFE courses covering health, mental health, the NDIS providers’ service, and construction.

Spike in Demand for Disability Support Provider Prompts Concern over Worker Shortage

ARC Disability Services Hub, in Cairns, saw a huge drop in demand earlier in the year, with some clients cutting down their weekly support from 40 hours to two. But chief executive Benjamin Keast said, in the month of May, clients sought an additional 1,000 hours of care and 90 people enquired about accessing the service for the first time.

Preventing Diabetes in Older Adults: Elderly Care Sydney

Working adults are consistently the subjects of medical studies conducted to determine the cause, severity, and wider ramifications. Yet strong evidence from recent investigations highlight that older persons are facing the increasing likelihood of developing diabetes and its side effects.

How to Choose the Most-Suitable Disability Support Provider in Sydney

When you are looking for disability service providers, there are some key factors you can take into consideration to guide yourself in decision making. Here OSAN Ability Assist is going to depict some useful strategies you can adopt to find out most suitable disability service providers for your health-needs.

What You Need To Know About Covid-19 and Children

In Australia, the number of cases of COVID-19 in children is low. Only 4.5% of cases have been in school aged children (between five and 17 years). This figure was 2.2% in early June, 2020. The increase is mostly because of more testing and recently recorded cases in Victoria.

New Centre to Meet Demand for Aged and Disability Care in Karratha

A new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Training Centre at North Regional TAFE’s Karratha campus was today opened by Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery and Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson. In consultation with the local industry, construction was completed by Karratha-based company Trasan Contracting and was completed in time for the start of Semester 1, 2020.

What You Need To Know About Covid-19 and Children

In Australia, the number of cases of COVID-19 in children is low. Only 4.5% of cases have been in school aged children (between five and 17 years). This figure was 2.2% in early June, 2020. The increase is mostly because of more testing and recently recorded cases in Victoria.


How much physical activity do older adults aged 65 and over need to do to keep healthy? The amount of physical activity you need to do each week depends on your age and level of health. To stay healthy or to improve health, older adults need to do two types of physical activity each week: aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity.

Migrane & Headache: What You Need To Know

Headaches are, unfortunately, a part of life. They can be triggered by many things, from hot dogs and ice cream to swimming goggles. Nine out of 10 people have had a headache.

How to help a child with Autism I Disability and Aged Care Services

Transitioning from your relaxed routines to school are often an enormous change for each child. Many children have a tough time adjusting to the current routine so it’d be way harder for somebody who is within the range of autism.

Mental Illness and Making an NDIS application

Those experiencing mental illness have to navigate the world in a different way. Depending on the severity of their mental illness, they could experience debilitating symptoms that level them unable to fully function. As difficult as mental illness is, a disabling mental illness is even more challenging. Luckily, there’s an option that can help those experiencing severe mental illness function within society with the support they need ie, NDIS.