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Updated by ChemConn Sourcing on Jan 24, 2020
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ChemConn Sourcing

ChemConn Sourcing, a leading chemical consultant helping companies to make their procurement process easy and quick.


Get help to buy specialty chemicals from India. 

Get help to buy specialty chemicals from India. 

Want to buy specialty chemicals from Indian companies? Consult with the ChemConn Sourcing, a leading chemical consultant helping companies to make their procurement process easy and quick. The experts provide support and negotiation with companies in place of clients to be a seamless process. Contact them to book your consultation now. 

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How can consultants help create an efficient chemical procurement process?

The chemical industry is experiencing a profound change over the years. Major disruptions of the chemical market, such as price volatility, stringent regulations, environmental concerns, and others, are causing real challenges in the chemical procurement...

A glimpse of India’s specialty chemical industry

Specialty chemicals are a group of compounds with high value but produced at a low volume. The knowledge-based products are known for their performance-enhancing uses in various sectors, providing solutions to customers, as a result, bring more returns...

ChemConn Sourcing is a leading consultancy in India that helps buyers, manufacturing, and global chemical company in their operations. The consultants provide insights and support to clients to source their products from Indian and the South Asian regions. Book your consultation with them now.

ChemConn Sourcing is a leading company that offers support and consultation to chemical suppliers in India to succeed in their operations. The experts provide supports and help to export products to customers around the world. Contact them to book a consultation now.

ChemConn Sourcing is one of the top chemical consultants in India providing supports and consultation to companies. The company help in making chemical sourcing smooth and easy for customers. Contact them to book a consultation now.

4 steps to achieve chemical supply chain excellence

Chemicals are used as raw materials in many sectors, such as agriculture, pharmaceutical, construction materials, and others, to manufacture consumer products. The chemical supply chains of companies are suffering from stiff competition, strict regulation...


Top chemical consultancy for buyers in India

ChemConn Sourcing is a leading chemical consultancy that offers support and helps to buy chemical products from India. The renowned chemical consultant has years of experience in assisting the companies in purchasing chemicals from India and the South Asian region. The expert consultants provide site audit, quality analysis, logistic support, and other help to get a seamless supply chain for buyers. Book your consultation with them now.

Why is India winning in the specialty chemicals sector?

The chemical industry is going through many turbulence in recent years. With plant closure in the European Union and China, this sector has a slow-down in many parts of the world. The stringent regulations, price volatility, and external disturbances...

Why is an effective chemical supply chain necessary for companies?

Chemicals are one of the most critical ingredients for various industries, such as agriculture, construction, home care, personal care, pharmaceutical, and consumer durables. Chemicals play a significant role in the economic growth of countries, and consumption...

Significant roles of chemical consultants in sourcing and procurement

With growing instabilities in the chemical market, companies are facing many problems in sourcing raw materials from manufacturers and chemical exporters . The issues of price fluctuation, stringent regulations for compliance, transportation problems,...

How to avoid chemical supply chain risks?

Chemicals are a critical element for plenty of industries, such as agriculture, constructional materials, pharmaceutical, customer durable, and others. Many companies depend on the chemical industry to get a continuous supply of raw materials. However,...