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Updated by ITCIB on Feb 04, 2020
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Information about RTI accessiblity, Advantage of RTI,Appeal Procedure

RTI is the best tool to seek any kind of information from Government Office We can assist you with complete RTI Procedure

In simplistic form, Right to Information is a Parliamentary Act of India under which the erstwhile citizens of India can secure access to information under the control of public authorities, to promote fair and transparent working of every public authority. The Act empowers the citizens of the country to raise questions on the functions of an establishment as per rules and regulations of the judicial parameters.

Any citizen of India Under the provisions of the Act, may appeal information from the government authority. Not all departments fall under the purview of RTI though organisations and financial corporations may seek for information by filling an application being a citizen of India.

RTI is the best tool to seek any kind of information from government office within a stipulated time. You have to just need to submit the required information and valid documents and we will assist you with the whole registration process. To Know More :

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You can now initiate a dispute online with ITCIB for inaccuracies and duplication of information that reflect in your Trade Credit Report.ITCIB does not charge Traders for this service.

धोखेबाज व्यापारियों पर लगाम लगाएं – ITCIB के साथ | Restrict Cheater Traders - Join ITCIB

धोखेबाज व्यापारियों पर लगाम लगाएं – ITCIB के साथ Restrict Cheater Traders - Join ITCIB ITCIB के साथ पहचानें अपने नियमित व्यापारी को - कहीं वो चोर तो नहीं Ide...

व्यापार आपराधिक रिकॉर्ड पोर्टल |India 1st Trade Credit Information Business Criminal record portal

ITCIB Benefits Verify trader credit information Prevent Fraud Acquire more customers Grow your business Recover debt future of next generation business business defaulter, trade defaulter, financial defaulter, business criminal, trade criminal Supporting millions of business owner to take trade decisions every day. INDIAN TRADE CREDIT INFORMATION BUSINESS (ITCIB), a part of LEGAL EMPOWERMENT INDIA LLP - has launched credit enhancement and tracking system.
We are India’s leading Traders / Manufacturers credit information company with one of the largest collections of Traders, Dealers, and Manufacturers Credit Information. ITCIB is collective business resource for comprehensive trader data and sophisticated technology with expertise in top-rated Trade Credit Information & Legal Management Solutions.

A Trustworthy Business Friend | Explore about Trade or Manufacturer

A Trustworthy Business Friend | identify trustworthy people in business become a successful trader Better business with a business friend – ITCIB Explore abo...

A trade or a business body’s financial health is determined by its business size, good TRADE CREDIT SCORE (TCS), TRADE CREDIT REPORT (TCR), TRADE BALANCED SHEETS (TBS), and profit and loss account. In a world where fraud has taken over each sector of the trading world, analyzing the legitimacy of a trader, dealer or wholesaler’s financial transaction becomes quite hectic and time consuming as well. It is important to note that in today’s time it is very easy to forge any financial document and it can be difficult for a non-experienced eye to spot the difference.