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Updated by cameron-white on Dec 03, 2019
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My Top 10 List of Educational Tools Used in My Future Classroom

These resources will help me get students interested on what I'm going to teach them.


1. Kahoot

Kahoot is a app and website where students answer questions created by teachers. Each student needs to score as many points as possible to win the game. If they don't do well on the questions, It's not the worst thing to happen to them. It's a learning experience for them as they can look at what they got wrong and fix those mistakes. When they do that, they will study over and over until they're familiar with the questions. Kahoot should mostly help them get ready for a test so students know what's going to be on there. This app is my favorite tool because, I've had the most experience with it during high school.


2. Brainpop

Brain pop is a learning tool where students and teachers watch videos and answer questions that go along with the video to let the students answer questions. Like Kahoot, I also had many times where I used Brain pop but mostly in elementary school. Although there are also games for students to play to further their learning skills. Students can go that way if they don't want to watch the videos then answer questions after. Brain pop works very well for teachers and when I become one, this resource will become utilized many times in my classroom.


3. Flip Grid

Flip Grid is an interactive source that students use to describe what's happening with their voice. When teachers are giving students a topic on what their discussing, students record themselves with a device to give their opinion on a certain subject. Even though this will be used more likely for elementary school and middle school students, I think It's really creative to have a tent for students who don't want to speak up in front of the entire class. I will use this source when I get into a new subject with my students. I will also give students opportunities to use this for make up work or to replace a low grade for an assignment. It will be exciting for me to use this with my students when I'll have the time to do so.


4.Near Pod

Near pod is a visually used tool for educators and learners to look at an object in real life. When you put your phone into the Near Pod, it can take you to nearly every place in the world. If students in a history or social studies, students can look into the atmosphere and learn the history of the country or state. As a future English high school teacher, I'll let students see what it's like how countries use to look like during the early American and British literature times. I'm confident that students will enjoy using time to experience this and do something different to fun.


5. Jig Space

Similar to Near Pod, Jig Space is an innovative app to let teachers and students look at an object from a different perspective. For example if you want to look at the Earth, you can put in notes on what the Earth represents. That can also make students get more into the subject by doing those steps. As the semester will come to a close, I'll make students do a project or an assignment on a figure of a story or a writer. It will be a solid opportunity for them to boost their grade, and I think Near Pod will do well for them.


6. Remind

Remind is a communication app where teachers can email students and parents. Teachers can tell both students and parents if their is no class, and which assignments to work on. When I'll use this, I'll tell my students if they need help on an assignment or getting ready for a test. After that, students will start to get more comfortable. This is a great resource to use for me to let students talk to me.


7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a tutoring center to help students improve on a subject there struggling with. Another strength that they have is that teachers can contact the tutors, students, and parents to find out a certain relationship. Everyone can also sort out a schedule that will be flexible with the tutors and students. On the first day of school is when I'll introduce Khan Academy. Students will then be aware of getting help if they need it.


8. Seewsaw

Seesaw is tool to let teachers take progress on how each student is doing. If a student is not supposed what they are doing, teachers can make a table and make check marks on that student. On the other side, teachers can make sections to place their assignments in. I would use this to make the students have my attention and look at my schedule to see what plans I have. This app has many items to choose from and I look forward to utilize this.


9. Google Classroom

This website is a planing tool to help teachers organize different sections. How you start is you create a class and make sure that all your students are present. There are also sections where you put your assignments and quizzes. Since I forget to accomplish certain things, Google Classroom will make it easy for me to sort out my schedule. I will use this the most when I get into the class, start attendance, and grade each student's progress.


10. Storybird

This tool is a unique way of creating your own story. There are many pictures to choose from so that they can relate to your presentation. It is also similar to Power point as there are slides to each part of the story. When I'll introduce this to my students, I will give them a poem or an article about what were learning so It can help them on essays on tests. It's a great way for them to get engaged on the subject.