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Go To Joy Iceland



What Makes A Reykjavik Guided Tour Unique

Every year, literally hundreds of thousands of tourists are attracted to Iceland. What draws them like a magnet is the thrilling adventure opportunities, otherworldly features, and majestic landscapes. The videos and images of most Reykjavik golden circle tour are what tantalizes most of them. Many guests are always left in wonder about how they can gain access to the landscapes as well as which bus tours from Reykjavik would bstrong texte the best for them to enjoy their time in Iceland.

To be frank, it is impossible to find a Reykjavik bus tour in the Land of Ice and Fire would be able to suit the needs of every tourist. This is because everyone’s tastes are different. Many bus tours from Reykjavik might not be suitable for a family that has young kids simply because such tours have a limitation pace on age. Still, you can find a Reykjavik golden circle tour that requires tourists to show some form of fitness and mobility. You can also find a Reykjavik bus tour that is not going to be suitable for thrill-seekers because it is too relaxing. And if you are a tourist that is out to simply unwind you would not want a Reykjavik guided tour that requires some nerves to embark on them.

In all of the above situations we all know one thing – all bus tours from Reykjavik are simply unique.

The seasonal contrasts in a country like Iceland are extreme. This is the reason why those who are visiting in summer can only partake in river rafting tours while those who are winter travelers can undertake tours like the Northern Light hunting.

The particular type of Reykjavik guided tour that you would want to embark on is hugely dependent on several factors. Some of these factors that can determine your Reykjavik bus tour would be whether you are being driven or you prefer to drive yourself, the part of the country that you want to visit, and whether your Reykjavik golden circle tour is going to be part of a self-drive tour, a vacation package, or simply one of the day bus tours from Reykjavik.

You should not be deterred by the numerous choices available for you to make out of a Reykjavik bus tour. Sometimes it is good to have choices rather than being restricted with just a single option. The good thing is that these choices are all unique and they would cater to all kinds of tastes and preferences for anyone in need of either a Reykjavik guided tour or a Reykjavik bus tour.

It is also worthwhile to note that before you arrive in Iceland most of the items that make up your list can be accommodated. You should look forward to enjoying yourself when you attend your Reykjavik golden circle tour. If you want awe-inspiring landscapes, adventure, or relaxation then get ready for the time of your life when you choose any of the unique bus tours from Reykjavik. They are not just pleasurable but truly eye-opening and fantastic.


Sightseeing During A Reykjavik Northern Lights Tour

It would be a wonderful idea for you to head towards northern Iceland if you want to remain longer or have a short stay longer as you go to joy Iceland northern lights tour. Apart from the fact that it boasts a huge range of spectacular and diverse natural sights for you to enjoy, it also tends to be a little less busy than the west or south.

It does not mean you are going to lack any amenities on your Iceland northern lights tour when you take yourself away from the capital. Everything that a traveler needs to remain comfortable can be found in Akureyri, which is a cultural hub and the largest town in the region. The settlement is surrounded by mountains such as Hlioarfjall is reputed to be Iceland’s best skiing slopes. It is also situated within Eyjafjorour a beautiful fjord.

Reaching this town is easy if you are on an Iceland and northern lights tour. You can take a flight from the domestic airport and make an inquiry from any operator of Reykjavik northern lights tour that would be there. In the alternative, you can choose to drive along Route 1 from Reykjavik. This means that taking adventure excursions or sightseeing during a go to joy Iceland northern lights tour is very easy.

In North Iceland there are many famous and popular incredible natural sites. However, the Lake Myvatn area would beat all of them hands down. Everything you can imagine on your ideal Iceland northern lights tour is here, including abundant geothermal activity, surrounding lava fields, craters, and mountains, dramatic geological formations, a wealth of birdlife, unique flora, and spectacular views over the water. The trip would be well worth it for anyone coming to Iceland for relaxation once they choose to simply visit the Myvatn Nature Baths and bask inside its healing geothermal waters.

Meanwhile, exploring the area is going to be enjoyed by fans of Game of Thrones because several scenes were shot there. For instance, a cave within the Dimmuborgir lava fortress marked the spot where Jon Snow the protagonist consummated his relationship to his wilding lover in one of the most romantic scenes of Season Three. It was equally used as a setting north of the Wall.

Just a short drive away at the barren, seething area of Namaskaro Pass would be found verdant dramatic contrasts to the rocky area around the lakes. This destination reveals just how diverse North Iceland can be because there is not a shoot of green grass in sight and sulfur always fills the smoky air. There is no doubt that the fires burning just beneath the surface of the earth are responsible for shaping the landscapes here.

An Iceland and northern lights tour would expose you to sights you are not going to see anywhere else in the world. Take for instance the famous waterfall known as Gooafoss which is another beautiful attraction that lies between Lake Myvatn and Akureyri. Apart from a wealth of history, this natural feature is really spectacular.


Other Places to Sightsee On Your Northern Lights Trip to Iceland

Most tourists who subscribe to an Iceland northern lights tour package are often coming to Iceland for one thing alone – to see the Northern Lights only. To such tourists, they imagine that there is no other attraction that is necessary to explore. However, they fail to realize that the country of Iceland is a real traveller’s delight and a tourist attraction all rolled into one.

The truth is that there are several other places to visit when you take any northern Iceland tours. You really should not restrict yourself to just one out of numerous other sights that are available for you to explore.

For instance, did you know that there are sites that are impressive and incredible if you go a little further east? Take the most powerful waterfall in Europe known as the Dettifoss. You have to see it to believe that is thunders into an ancient canyon with so much force. The canyon of Asbyrgi which is shaped like a horseshoe is near here. It is said that early Viking settlers could only attribute its creation to their god’s interference because the feature is verdant and so perfectly formed.

A Reykjavik northern lights package gives you access to different choices, many of which can be completely different from what you initially expected. You could decide to head to the town of Husavik which is arguably the oldest settlement in Iceland. Apart from being one of the world’s greatest locations to go whale-watching, it is also a cultural and a historical centre.

You could get introduced to the beautiful creatures of the deep during a northern lights trip in Iceland during the summer. Some of these creatures would include a wealth of birdlife that may comprise of puffins in the height of summer, white-beaked dolphins, and humpback whales.

It is highly recommended that you book a Diamond Circle sightseeing tour in your Iceland northern lights tour package if you are eager to make the most of all of these sites. Apart from being familiar to the Golden Circle tours that may come in a variety of forms, such an Iceland northern tours package is going to introduce you to all of these sites that have been listed here.

As an example, while travelling in a four-wheel-drive jeep you could sightsee. And you could also be blown away in awe by any northern Iceland tours that explore the sires from the skies above especially for those with more budgets.

Flights from and to the capital of Iceland are conveniently included in any Reykjavik northern lights package. Even for those who want to be based solely in Reykjavik the sites of the north would still be accessible to them.

From all that has been said above, it is hoped that you would not want to maximize your enjoyment in any northern lights trip in Iceland. Of course, the Northern Lights are a favourite attraction to look out for. But there are still others that can make your trip here to be even more memorable.


Sights to Be Seen On A Golden Circle Tour with Northern Lights

There is no doubt that in Iceland the most popular sightseeing route is The Golden Circle. You would never run out of reasons as to why this is so. Apart from the sites along with the golden circle northern lights tour is incredible, they can be visited in half a day whether you are driving yourself or if you are booking one of the guided Iceland vacation packages. A good golden circle tour in Iceland is also accessible all year round.

The breathtaking Gullfoss waterfall is included in any golden circle northern lights tour. This waterfall is popular amongst tourists because of its spray forms arcs of rainbows. Other sights are the UNESCO World Heritage Site is known as the Pingvellir National Park which is situated in the midst of two tectonic plates. You can also witness the Strokkur geyser erupting to great heights every few minutes when you are in the Geysir hot spring area. A visit to the dramatic Kerio Crater Lake can be included as a bonus site when you book a golden circle tour with northern lights.

The fascinating tales of the culture and history of Iceland are told by the sites of the golden circle tour in Iceland. These sights equally boast of the unbelievable beauty for which this country has come to be known by. For instance, do you know that were it not for the tireless work of one unlikely hero in the 19th Century Gullfoss would have been dammed for profit? Also, similar phenomena are now being called after the name of Geysir simply because of how early it had become renowned. Also, the original site of the longest ongoing parliament of the world which dates back to 930 AD is impressively Pingvellir.

There is more than just one golden circle northern lights tour. There is, in fact, a vast array of them for any tourist to make a selection from. Some are slightly more expensive but more personal while others are affordable and efficient. During the summers there are guided Iceland vacation packages for tourists who want to travel by cruise ship to Iceland. There is even a golden circle tour in Iceland that is undertaken under the Midnight Sun.

Many operators of the best golden circle northern lights tour offer excursions that combine multiple sightseeing routes because it only takes half a day to complete a golden circle tour in Iceland. And most guided Iceland vacation packages are offered all around the year. A popular option among most tourists is the golden circle tour with northern lights with snowmobiling. You can also combine a thrilling snorkeling trip or a riding tour on the back of a wonderful Icelandic horse. Also, you could combine the golden circle tour in Iceland with lava caving if you want to witness Iceland both below and above the earth.

You can add a trip to Blue Lagoon on the same day that you are embarking on your golden circle northern lights tour. It would be very suitable for anyone who wants to simply relax.


Excellent Vacations and Tours Near Reykjavik Are Available

All through the year you can enjoy excellent vacations when you procure your Iceland escorted tours packages from us at

At we have been known to offer superb and enjoyable Iceland go tours to numerous tourists and they always come back to us without hesitation. In order to ensure that you have a fantastic trip when you go to joy Iceland without any hassles we ensure that all of our multi-day joy Iceland vacations include superb accommodation.

Our multiday gotojoyiceland tours always include accommodation because we know that this is always a major issue for most tourists. No one would want to travel all the way on our Iceland escorted tours packages and not have a conducive and luxurious place to rest and relax. This is why at we ensure that our clients get only the best accommodation.

When you book for your tours near Reykjavik with us you can choose to visit the world-famous Golden Circle. Perhaps you might choose to hunt the Aurora Borealis from a super jeep, or simply join others in a small group minibus tours from Reykjavik. The choice is really up to you to determine what it is that you want to achieve on your Iceland go tours.

At we provide some of the most popular vacation packages to go to joy Iceland that you can ever find. All of Iceland’s best highlights can be explored up close including the glorious Ring Road, Lake Myvatn, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, and Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Hotels are included in all of our best-selling joy Iceland multi-day tours from Reykjavik.

When you subscribe for our gotojoyiceland vacation packages you would be taken to the unforgettable Northern Lights, the turquoise Blue Lagoon, glistening ice caves, and steaming hot springs.

Depending on the size and number of persons on your entourage at we can offer our Iceland escorted tours packages to you at great rates and discounts. We can even have some of our most popular activities and tours bundled together with varying durations. If you want there would not be any accommodation included if you have already made arrangements for these as part of your own tours near Reykjavik. As can be expected when you book our Iceland go tours bundle you can expect to be given some discounts for multiple orders or based on the size of your entourage. These discounts and special offers are on selected tours and are applicable as seasonal offers.

When you want to take a go to joy Iceland vacation package from us at, you should also remember that there could be accommodation included in other multi-day packages. Even though most packages with a stopover are like our self-drive packages which start and end at the KEF airport, it is really up to you to decide on what type of vacation you have in mind. Just be rest assured that it is according to your wishes is how the private tours would be tailor-made.

At our focus remains to see you enjoy your excellent vacations to Iceland with us.


The Best Iceland Tours from Reykjavik

You should not wait to plan your trip to Iceland if your plan is to have an unforgettable travel experience. Your vacation can only be memorable and pleasant if you go ahead to get an Iceland tour package from us at today.

There is no doubt about it that our Iceland tours Reykjavik and Iceland lights tour are bound to expose you to legendary panoramic views. And these views are not restricted to the season of the year. This is one of the major reasons why when it comes to the most popular travel destinations in the world today Iceland travel tours with us at continues to be one of the best.

At we can serve as your dedicated Iceland tour guide to show you around the best sights and views. That this island nation is absolutely worth a visit is not in doubt because of its wide range of attractions. Our Reykjavik Iceland tours would expose you to the best sights that you could never have imagined existed anywhere else and on this island.

When you subscribe for our Iceland tours from Reykjavik you can expect to see a charming atmosphere awaiting, rich culture, inspiring adventures, and unmatched nature awaiting you. You are also going to discover stunning waterfalls, blue glaciers, active volcanoes, incredible landscapes, and much more when you opt for one of our Iceland tour package.

When we tell others that we offer the best Iceland tours Reykjavik we do so with the aim of showing them that no other Iceland lights tour operator can match what we can offer. For instance, not many of them would be willing to combine multiple –day tours when you book them as your Iceland tour guide. They would rather bill you separately because they feel that Iceland travel tours and Iceland tour guide are two separate activities even if they are offered by the same Reykjavik Iceland tours company. This is something we at would never do.

Also, when you book for your Iceland tours from Reykjavik with us we would strive to get you the best accommodation available. Most of our competitors would not do this. Rather, they would expect their clients for the Iceland tour package to arrange for their accommodation while they would handle their Iceland tours Reykjavik for you. This is also due to the way they look at such Iceland lights tour as something to be split into different pieces for maximum gain and exploitation.

If you ask some of our clients, they would tell you that they have been with us at for several years. This is simply because when we offer them our Iceland travel tours we also serve as their Iceland tour guide without charging anything extra. In addition, we also always provide accommodation on all of our Reykjavik Iceland tours.

At we always believe that in order to give the best Iceland tours from Reykjavik we must ensure that our clients get value for their money. This is why we place their interests very highly in all that we do.


The Most Comfortable Reykjavik Golden Circle Tour

You would not want to wait to make elaborate plans for your next vacation to a country like Iceland if you are really serious about enjoying a travel experience that would be memorable. Rather, it is likely that you would heed good advice and begin to search for the best guided bus tours in Iceland. And for this purpose, you need to understand that at we are the most reliable and trustworthy Reykjavik guided tour operators around.

When you book your Reykjavik bus tour through us at you would have the opportunity of seeing legendary panoramic views no matter the time of the year or the season. You would also get to see firsthand why today one of the world’s most famous travel destination is Iceland.

The level of comfort that we provide on our Reykjavik golden circle tour is truly legendary. It is no wonder that a lot of our clients continue to come back to us whenever they want bus tours from Reykjavik. They know that this unique island nation is really worth visiting because of its huge array of attractions. When you come here using our guided bus tours to Iceland you would be amazed at the charming atmosphere, rich culture, inspiring adventures, and unmatched nature that is waiting for you. You are also going to discover stunning waterfalls, incredible landscapes, blue glaciers, active volcanoes, and so much more.

At you would enjoy our Reykjavik guided tour and with it enjoy exploring the South Coast and its fables where you would find the most famous black sand beaches and waterfalls of Iceland. Booking our Reykjavik bus tour would enable you to experience the pure power of the Earth when you tour the famous Golden Circle route. You would have the opportunity to visit the most breathtaking waterfalls of Iceland, walk between the continents and see geysers as they erupt.

Our Reykjavik golden circle tour is designed to make our clients to get the maximum enjoyment out of the Iceland vacations. All kinds of travel packages and bus tours from Reykjavik are offered by us at When you discuss your plans with us for a trip to Iceland you would find out a lot of information that you might never even have thought about. All of your questions can be answered by our well-trained travel specialists.

In case you were not aware, at the travel options we offer are a wide selection. These comprise of specialized honeymoon and anniversary tours to adventurous action packages as well as comfortable guided bus tours to Iceland. In addition, we can provide brief stopover packages, self-drive trips, and Reykjavik guided tour that would be very budget-friendly. As you can expect there are different durations in any of our Reykjavik bus tour.

At we usually recommend that at least one day before your Reykjavik golden circle tour is supposed to start is when you should book your flight. Then at the earliest time possible should be when you should depart on the day after. This means that you would spend at least six nights in Iceland if your bus tours from Reykjavik travel package have a duration of four days.


Excellent Guided Iceland Vacation Packages

When you book for your golden circle northern lights tour with us at we usually recommend that our clients should explore Reykjavik city if they can squeeze in some extra time. This is because in Reykjavik there are many hidden gems and beautiful places.

Some of those places you can visit when you book for a golden circle tour with northern lights with us would be the modern glass building of Harpa concert hall which has a distinctive colour. Climbing up the tower of the captivating Hallgrimskirkja Church which is the biggest church in Iceland should also be of interest to you when you visit Reykjavik on our guided Iceland vacation packages.

At we love to see our clients get value for their money. This is why we would strongly recommend that you should admire the wonderful views of the charming and colourful houses of Reykjavik. Additionally, you could visit one of the numerous geothermal swimming pools and take a dip in a hot tub to relax like one of the locals there.

On our golden circle tour to Iceland you can also taste the local street food when you walk along the famous shopping street of Laugavegur. And to further confirm just how unique and excellent our golden circle northern lights tour are we recommend that you should have a good soup in the greenhouse bistro when you visit the Botanical Gardens in Reykjavik. In the city’s ‘family park’ you can have the chance to meet the Icelandic domestic animals, seals, reindeers, and arctic foxes. There is no doubt that there is so much to do even though the city of Reykjavik is small.

For anyone who prefers organized small group tours and independent traveller, your best option for excellent and enjoyable golden circle tour with northern lights would be to come to us at

If you are about to book for your next guided Iceland vacation packages with us at we always advice our clients to consider the issue of safety seriously. You might not be aware of this but in Iceland driving conditions and weather are special. If you are not used to the weather they can easily surprise you.

When you are on a golden circle tour in Iceland you would observe that there are notorious changes in the weather. At any time storms, blowing wind, vertical rains, and fogs can and would most likely occur. In a matter of minutes, storms can transform into sparkling sunshine. The winters are stormy, dark, and long and are accompanied with road conditions that are frequently challenging.

We would advise that you should not rent a car and drive yourself on a golden circle northern lights tour if you are not an experienced driver. You should not risk it if you have never driven on roads that are icy and snowy. Driving in difficult Icelandic conditions is one of the things that our skilled driving guides have been specifically trained to do. This is why in all kinds of weather you can still enjoy great experiences with us at


Now is the time to patronise Iceland escorted tours packages

Usually, tourists think of Iceland as a place to visit in the summer or winter. This is probably because of the blankets of white and the Northern Lights and the endless days that they would see when they go to joy Iceland at such times. However, when you check out go to joy Iceland reviews you would discover that other times of the year are also available to visit this wonderful country.
If you have always wanted to explore this country now is the best time to consider Iceland escorted tours packages. With then you can enjoy tours near Reykjavik. Here are some reasons why you should visit this country today:strong text
• You can visit this country for free – since the early 1960s, Icelandair has been offering its passengers an opportunity to enjoy free stopovers in Iceland. To qualify for this free trip, you should have booked one of their transatlantic flights. It would be a good idea to check out this wonderful country if you are heading to the US.

• The country shares the same language as the Vikings – the language of Iceland has not been changed from ancient Norse. You can essentially become a Viking by learning a couple of phrases when you go to joy Iceland.

• The country is refreshing and tolerant – from 2009 to 2013, the country had the first openly gay head of government Johanna Sigurdardottir who oversaw the legalization of same-sex marriage. The country also had the first democratically elected female president in the world when Vigdis Finnbogadottir served the country between 1980 and 1996.

• When it comes to whale watching this country is the best place in Europe – between April and October, blues, bottlenose, minkes, and humpbacks ply the Arctic and North Atlantic waters surrounding Iceland because the water there is rich in fish. When you take any of the tours near Reykjavik you can also watch whales, especially when you go to Husavik on the north coast which is the best place for viewing them. Almost a 100 percent success rate has been recorded by the local operators in the sightings and the surroundings are magical with their quiet, calm bays flanked by snow-capped mountains.

• This is the land of the Super Jeep – if you are wondering what is the best way to cross the volcanic crater-pocked plains and glaciers of this country, then your best option would be the eight-wheeled tractor-sized trucks. Once you go to joy Iceland and experience these super jeeps you would never feel the same in your car.

• There are perfect puffins – the puffins return to land from the ocean in April. When they do, they build their nests in rocky cliffs after they have settled on the Icelandic coast. Good spots to admire these tiny and colorful birds would be around the south coast near Vik, the Westman Islands and Latrabjarg cliff in the Westfjords. You need to hurry and book your next Iceland escorted tours packages before they head back out in the latter part of summer.


Things to do when you are on your Iceland lights tour

Every year, several tourists enjoy booking for Iceland go tours. There are so many sights and destinations to explore that if you do not have a plan set out beforehand you just might get confused and not make the most of your time there.
Here are a couple of things to inspire you as you draw up your list of the places to go to when you take Iceland tours to Reykjavik:
• Hollywood loves this country – this is a fact when you consider the number of big-budget movies that have been shot on location in this country. When you book for your Iceland lights tour you can see some of the surreal and serene landscapes which continue to attract an abundance of film directors and crews. Some of the movies which have been shot here include Prometheus which featured Michael Fassbender, Noah which featured Russell Crowe, and Interstellar which featured Matthew McConaughey.

• It’s the perfect place to view the Northern Lights – even though you must synchronise your visit to catch a glimpse of these wonderful Northern Lights, still you can observe the longer days and the periods when the daylight barely recedes during the Midnight Sun.

• The country is ideal for bird watching – you would not be disappointed by northern Iceland if you are a keen birdwatcher. When you get any Iceland go tours one of the places you should visit is Lake Myvatn. There, you would see golden-tinted Slavonian grebes, gaudy harlequin ducks, and the northern waterfowls. When you visit their Flatey Island, you would see ptarmigans, red-necked phalarapoes, and puffins.

• There is a lot of interesting food – Iceland does serve hearty meals for all tastes. You can find delicious delicacies here such as gutsy stem stuffed with locally-sourced vegetables, butter-drenched potatoes, and lamb chops. There are also smoked puffin and fermented shark for those who have the stomach for it.

• There is good interconnectivity – throughout the country of Iceland there is an extensive 4G network. And most hotels provide free Wi-Fi as a standard. You would easily discover this fact when you subscribe for your next Iceland tour package. It is actually really easy to stay connected to the rest of the world, even though when you are here you might feel like you are in a remote place.

• You are going to feel like you are a real explorer – because of how difficult it is to pronounce some of the most popular destinations, tourists here can imagine they are going on a real voyage to uncharted regions of the world. Just tell your friends that you are going to visit Seljalandsfoss, Jokulsarlon, or Vatnajokull when next are with an Iceland tour guide and they would marvel at you.

• You can have the entire east Iceland to yourself – if you want to be rewarded with landscapes that are free of crowds, and filled with towering waterfalls that rival their western counterparts, windswept villages, hot springs, and ice-capped volcanoes, then get an Iceland light tour today. Almost all commercial airlines fly into Reykjavik. Make the effort to be on one to explore this wonderful country.


What you can expect to see on guided tours in Reykjavik Iceland

When you take tours from Reykjavik Iceland you should be ready to view some of the most spectacular sights in the world. Some of these destinations make you wonder in awe at their beauty and uniqueness.
Below are some of the attractions you can expect to find on any Iceland bus tours from Reykjavik:

• There are icebergs on the beach – when you take guided tours in Reykjavik Iceland, you should visit the beach in Jokulsarlon where table-sized icebergs tumble around in the surf, as they are being tossed about as if they are glassy glacier mints on the sandy beach that is black in colour. It is an experience that is completely surreal.

• There are amazing caves – you can actually venture into the glacier at Langjokull, using a tunnel that is manmade that burrows deep inside the ice. You can book your tour here through a Reykjavik guided tour.

• Reykjavik offers a top night out – the capital city of Iceland is a hub of outstanding culture. It has not only forty annual festivals and events but also has galleries, theatres, museums, and public gardens to satisfy the most avid culture vultures. There are many hotspots for sampling local craft beers which include The Laundromat Café, Slippbarinn, Micro which is a favourite for ale geeks. You would be surprised to note that there are actual washing machines in the quirky spot that is known as The Laundromat Café, while the Slippbarinn which does a mean sideline in cocktails.

• Icelanders love live music – when you take guided bus tours in Iceland you would discover that the country caters for every music taste because there are music festivals holding here virtually every month. You can choose from the longstanding favourite Iceland Airwaves in November, midnight sun-drenched Secret Solstice in June, dancy and buzzy Sonar Reykjavik in February, or the atmospheric Dark Music Days in January.

• You can go camping and wake up to splendid views – you need to see some of the attractions in Iceland to truly understand how beautiful this country is. Would you not like to spend your waking moments in such beauty?

• The country has amazing hot springs – when you sign up for guided tours in Reykjavik Iceland one of the best places to visit would be the Blue Lagoon pools. However, if you do not enjoy tourist destinations that are overcrowded, then the geothermic hot pools which dot the countryside of the country are even more spectacular. When you arrive in a new town, ask the locals for their recommendations because everyone has their favourite secret spot. There is a luxury hotel that has been opened at the Blue Lagoon which is worth checking out.

• Elves rule – most travel experts advise that you must never upset an elf when you visit the beautiful country of Iceland. Everywhere you go you are bound to encounter the Huldufolk of Iceland. They can be found hiding behind rocks, behind waterfalls, and even in volcanoes and glaciers. When you embark on tours from Reykjavik Iceland you would be warned not to disturb them.


Attractions available in tours to Iceland to see northern lights

You may be wondering what all the fuss and excitement is when you see tourists lining up to book for their Reykjavik northern lights tour. They know that what they are going to see is some of the most beautiful sights you can ever find anywhere in the world. And they love to visit such unique and beautiful edifices on a regular basis.

In case you are wondering if you should take a northern light trip to Iceland, consider the following tourist attractions that would surely blow your mind:

• It is family friendly – in Iceland family values are taken into consideration in everything that is done. This is why when you embark on tours to Iceland to see northern lights you would be given warm receptions if you are going there with your family. Hotels and campsites are always prepared for children and you can be rest assured that there is no dangerous wildlife. Their mythical stories of trolls and elves are going to keep your children enthralled. This is true, even though some of their landscapes, changing sea conditions, water-logged areas, and cliffs could turn out to be a bit less child-friendly.

• You can descend in a volcano – when go on golden circle northern lights tour you can get lowered into the belly of the Thrihnukagigur volcano using one of those rickety-looking lifts that window cleaners use on skyscrapers. Descending through the roof of a fire-colored cathedral is how it feels to navigate the 120-meter drop. The inside of the cavern is stained with russet red scars and flashes of blackened indigo. This is fascinating to note because the last eruption occurred thousands of years ago. Once you get inside, you’ll be allowed to roam freely for about an hour using the head torches that would have been supplied to you.

• You can go on a dive in between continents – the Northern American and Eurasian tectonic plates are straddled by the Pingvellir National Park. This park lies on the gap between the two continents and the best way to explore it is by scuba diving in Lake Pingvallavatn. Glacier run-off water has filled this lake and this account for its visibility is very clear up to 200 meters. You should expect to also see some spooky rock formations and drop-offs. In order to dive you would need an Open Water qualification. However, guided snorkeling trips can be joined by anybody.

• Horseback is the best way to move around – when you subscribe for a golden circle tour with northern lights or any of the guided Iceland vacation packages you would notice that their horses are very handy and small and are blessed with an extra gear. You might already be used to how other horses behave when they gallop, canter, trot, and walk. However, in Iceland their horses have a tolt which is an extra four-beat gait. Travelling by horseback in this country offers both a thrilling ride and a profound connection with the natural landscape. But to enjoy this you must first find your rhythm.