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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a proven method to improve the manufacturing process of an organization. Generally, it is a set of certain tools and principles which help Six Sigma to be as successful as it is. Apart from the Define, Measure, Analyze, improve and control tools, there are many other tools and principles to help Six Sigma methodology to achieve the overall success when applied. Know more at

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Benefits of Six Sigma Certification in Finance and Accounting

Applying the principles of Lean Six Sigma to finance and accounting can create a competitive advantage for organizations in almost every industry. The case study below details how these methods and tools can be used to streamline them - they can also improve the organization-wide culture.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: 6 Amazing Benefits Of Six Sigma Certification

Over the past several years, Six Sigma has become almost a household term. It has been popularized by Jack Welch and others and was even used by the US government to fight the war on terror. The thing to note here is that Six Sigma methodology has served diverse customer bases. Cases occurring in different parts of the world by distributing a host of benefits; According to the purpose of use. Depending on what you ask, Six Sigma may be referred to as a philosophy, a methodology, or a tool.

How To Achieve A Lean Six Sigma Certification - ISEL GLOBAL

Lean Six Sigma is probably one of the most valuable skills individuals can acquire to be suitable for an organization. Lean Six Sigma is an advance and value-added skill that incorporates the methodology and principles of both Lean Practitioner and Six Sigma. The combination makes the certification strong and industry oriented.
Lean Six Sigma certification is more upfront and higher in the industry than traditional Six Sigma certification, and for this reason, it is more preferred and recommended. Either you want to work with an organization or work as a consultant, Lean Six Sigma can help you boost your career. Lean Six Sigma is valued by organizations that seek and believe in continuous improvement in the business process.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Top 5 Lean Six Sigma Tools to Boost Your Process

Lean Six Sigma tools are included in its defined-measurement-analysis-correction-control (DMAIC) improvement project execution roadmap. The execution of this roadmap is to create robust processes that allow businesses to achieve high and under control standards.

In Lean Six Sigma, data is analyzed to better understand problems and identify customer needs. The phase of Lean Six Sigma is to determine the number of potential defects and its causes along with the reduction of process waste.

Top 20 Tips for A Wonderful Lean Six Sigma Experience

Lean Six Sigma tries to define the defects and the wastes from a business process and refine the process while keeping the errors to the minimum.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: PMP Examination Basics Everyone Should Know | 2020

Project Management Professional exam is of two types – computer-based and paper-based. Computer-based is more popular as you get the result immediately as you finish the exam. A fee of computer-based is a little higher but it’s worth the money spends as you need not wait for weeks to get the result. Read the full blog.

Quality Six Sigma Style is Important on Many Levels | ISELGLOBAL

Quality management is an essential thing that you can offer to your customers. Every business must focus on providing quality products and services to the customers for increased customer retention and improve profitability. Thus, Quality control is an important facet of the Six Sigma methodology. Read the full blog here.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Six Sigma Methods and Formula for Successful Lean and Quality Implement...

Six Sigma is basically the application of Statistical formulas and Methods to eliminate defects, variation in a product or a process. For example if you want to find the average height of male population in India, you cannot bring the entire population of more than 2 billion into one room and measure their height for a scenario like this we take samples that is we pick up sample (people) from each state and use statistical formulas to draw the inference about the average height of male population in a population which is more than 2 billion.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Common Challenges When Implementing Six Sigma

Assume you are going to gift a bicycle to your sibling and you have got just one night to assemble it.
Now the good news is your unassembled bicycle shipment has arrived and is on time with all the tools and instruction on assembling it on the manual.
Our clear end goal is a final assembled brand new bicycle.
Due to long texts and not in the mood to read stuff you ignored the instruction manual and started to put things on your own, without a proper understanding of tools and parts alignment.
Somehow you succeeded somehow but the assembly wasn’t done properly and there are some issues with alignment and handle.
Now tomorrow morning who would you blame for that yourself or the manufacturer?
Most of the time it’s been noticed that reasons for an unsuccessful Six Sigma have less to do with DMAIC process and have more to do with the Leadership & Business Process Management. These challenges vary from person to person who is trying to deploy Six Sigma.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Benefits Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Online | ISELGLOBAL

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Online is a management-mandated instructor-led black belt certification program for professionals who handle six sigma projects and guide and monitor six sigma green belt professionals under them. Black belts are generally senior management people who handle a team of Six Sigma Green Belt and assist them to complete and implement six sigma culture in an organization. Generally, six sigma black belt certified professional is expected to have a high level of six sigma consulting and implementation knowledge.
Many top multinational companies prefer hiring six sigma black belt certified people in high positions in order to bring process improvement and quality management culture in the organization.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Tips to prepare for PMP Certification | ISELGLOBAL

Professional (PMP) exam continues to evolve, the way you study and prepare for it has to change as well. The exam is a lot harder and tricky these days, especially on PMBOK®GUIDE Sixth Edition. It covers much more topic and it contains many situational questions where you have to answer practically considering and analyzing the projects you have done. Then you must decide the best course of action. What makes these questions hard is that often all 4 answer choices are partially correct. You need to pick the best answer.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Best Way to Pass The PMP Exam | ISELGLOBAL

PMP is one of the most highly recognized and high-value certifications in the market. Unlike other certifications, PMP can not be just passed through reading and memorizing the books. You should have a good plan and preparation to clear the exam. That is the reason PMP certification exam is having more value in the market.

How to Prepare for the PMP exam at Home | ISEL Global

In this blog, we offer a systematic approach to the PMP certification examination. Read on to find out which are the PMP exam learning materials.

How to Prepare for the PMP exam at Home | ISEL Global

All must be well aware of the difficulties faced while answering any examination. Answering any examination needs lots of time, preparation, diligence and efforts. The PMP exam, which is also known as Project Management Professional examination is the toughest amongst all the other examinations. It needs extensive preparation over the course time to pass.

Your PMP exam preparation is crucial, in other words! In the field of project management, you must absorb a lot of material and must master the practical applications too. If you are one amongst the well-established ones in your career, so you’re learning skills may be somewhat rustic. This is where the highest PMP test tips are provided.

The number of PMP exam holders is on the rise as the world’s quickest growing certification (there are now over 762,000 holders), which means that there is more competition for you! Don’t worry — the whole PMP program can still be mastered with the right combination of effort, dedication, and guidance. In this blog, we offer a systematic approach to the PMP certification examination.

Did you know about PMP Prerequisites | ISEL GLOBAL

The Project Management Professional Examination also known as PMP is designed to assess the names – the experience of a professional in the management of projects. You will need to demonstrate both bits of knowledge of the theory of project management and experience in real life. The PMI offers a brief as well as a good overview of the requirements of the PMP for examination. PMI has also set up the formal application process for ensuring that you meet the PMP Prerequisites, and to describe your background in the following areas: training, work experience, and training in the field of project management.

How to choose a PMP Prep Course | ISEL GLOBAL

Project Management Professional’s (PMP) certificate from the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the crucial step towards the corporate ladder of the project managers. It offers you the most appreciated and visible appreciation in your business. The certification increases the chances of your organization’s professional growth and provides new avenues. As an efficient project manager, you validate your skills. In addition to enhancing your profit potential, it offers you a competitive position in the job market.

How to Correctly Fill the Online Pmp Application Form | ISEL GLOBAL

Are you looking for a perfect guide that tells how to fill the PMP application form? Then yes, you have hit the right place. Below is a complete guide on how to fill the PMP application form for the PMP course.

The Project Management Professional certification enables your professional and career expertise to be strengthened. Many project-management individuals are confused about ways to boost their careers additionally.

For project management, PMP is a trusted global standard for the project management staff. Understanding of best practices, global recognition, and increased wages in project management are tremendous reasons for pursuing the PMP certification. You should move to the filling of the PMP application form process for so many attractive reasons.

Project Manager vs Product Manager – Which One Are You?

Project Management and Product Management: Today, companies are under relentless pressure to provide more for less. One common ‘remedy’ is that a single individual plays several roles. During the early days of a company, when there are very few workers, this is more of a limitation than an option, but because the scope of each operation is usually limited, it can be controlled. Yet as companies expand, the false economy is often tempted to stretch employees through several positions instead of recruiting experts to work as a part of the cross-functional team.

Is PMP Certification Cost Worth It | ISEL GLOBAL

PMP Certification Cost: Project Management Profession is one of the most highly recognized certifications in the market. Unlike the other certifications, one cannot pass PMP by either memorizing or reading the books. One must have a clear preparation plan for clearing the Project Management Professional exam. Hence, the PMP examination has more value in the market.

PMP Exam Passing Rate: What Percentage of People Pass The Exam?

The PMP certification in the project management professional course is widely recognized and is gained by the professionals. Having a PMP certification is not at all an easy process. Before you can perform a computer test, you have many more tasks to perform.

Top 20 Tips for A Wonderful Lean Six Sigma Experience

Where companies try to implement the methodologies of Lean Six Sigma to improve their business process and increase profitability, they must also know the discipline of applying Six Sigma, which helps an organization to grow. Lean Six sigma tries to define the defects and the wastes from a business process and refine the process while keeping the errors to the minimum.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Facts About Certified Six Sigma Black Belt And Green Belt Salary

The best long-term solution is to learn new skills and grow yourself into a higher package slab.

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, 10 Important Facts About Black Belt and Green Belt Salary

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt Certification in Chandigarh

The production or the product quality of an organization cannot be enhanced until the defects are found and the flaws are fixed. Every organization must be customer-centric and thus happy and satisfied customer retention must be the primary goal. Thus if detecting the defects is the concern, the Six Sigma Certification plays a vital role.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Job Opportunity for Six Sigma Professionals

Six Sigma jobs are a great career option for educated individuals. Perhaps previously, this field did not have much scope but now times have changed. A Six Sigma professional is now highly valued and respected. If you are looking for a career in Six Sigma you will be glad to know that it is one of the most in-demand jobs at the moment. A lot of young workers have started up consultancy businesses as they prefer to work on their own.


Employees that are professionally trained are given certifications and belts as recognition. These belts determine the level of their expertise. The highest belt that anyone can get is the master belt whilst beginners start with green and yellow belts. Practical experience to go along with Six Sigma certifications can help you easily get high paying jobs in well-renowned companies. Six Sigma job openings cater to both experienced and inexperienced workers so you shouldn’t be too worried when it comes to finding a position relating to this field. You can also do Green Belt and Black Belt certification.