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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a proven method to improve the manufacturing process of an organization. Generally, it is a set of certain tools and principles which help Six Sigma to be as successful as it is. Apart from the Define, Measure, Analyze, improve and control tools, there are many other tools and principles to help Six Sigma methodology to achieve the overall success when applied. Know more at

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Benefits of Six Sigma Certification in Finance and Accounting

Applying the principles of Lean Six Sigma to finance and accounting can create a competitive advantage for organizations in almost every industry. The case study below details how these methods and tools can be used to streamline them - they can also improve the organization-wide culture.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: 6 Amazing Benefits Of Six Sigma Certification

Over the past several years, Six Sigma has become almost a household term. It has been popularized by Jack Welch and others and was even used by the US government to fight the war on terror. The thing to note here is that Six Sigma methodology has served diverse customer bases. Cases occurring in different parts of the world by distributing a host of benefits; According to the purpose of use. Depending on what you ask, Six Sigma may be referred to as a philosophy, a methodology, or a tool.

How To Achieve A Lean Six Sigma Certification - ISEL GLOBAL

Lean Six Sigma is probably one of the most valuable skills individuals can acquire to be suitable for an organization. Lean Six Sigma is an advance and value-added skill that incorporates the methodology and principles of both Lean Practitioner and Six Sigma. The combination makes the certification strong and industry oriented.
Lean Six Sigma certification is more upfront and higher in the industry than traditional Six Sigma certification, and for this reason, it is more preferred and recommended. Either you want to work with an organization or work as a consultant, Lean Six Sigma can help you boost your career. Lean Six Sigma is valued by organizations that seek and believe in continuous improvement in the business process.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: Top 5 Lean Six Sigma Tools to Boost Your Process

Lean Six Sigma tools are included in its defined-measurement-analysis-correction-control (DMAIC) improvement project execution roadmap. The execution of this roadmap is to create robust processes that allow businesses to achieve high and under control standards.

In Lean Six Sigma, data is analyzed to better understand problems and identify customer needs. The phase of Lean Six Sigma is to determine the number of potential defects and its causes along with the reduction of process waste.

Top 20 Tips for A Wonderful Lean Six Sigma Experience

Lean Six Sigma tries to define the defects and the wastes from a business process and refine the process while keeping the errors to the minimum.

Six Sigma Certification Course - ISEL Global: PMP Examination Basics Everyone Should Know | 2020

Project Management Professional exam is of two types – computer-based and paper-based. Computer-based is more popular as you get the result immediately as you finish the exam. A fee of computer-based is a little higher but it’s worth the money spends as you need not wait for weeks to get the result. Read the full blog.

Quality Six Sigma Style is Important on Many Levels | ISELGLOBAL

Quality management is an essential thing that you can offer to your customers. Every business must focus on providing quality products and services to the customers for increased customer retention and improve profitability. Thus, Quality control is an important facet of the Six Sigma methodology. Read the full blog here.