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Best Things to do in Port Stephens - A seaside guide

Port Stephens is an area that offers many things to do for its visitors throughout the year. To know what you can do while you are on a holiday here, read on.


Whale watching and dolphin watching

When you are in Port Stephens, you will have a chance to embark on an exciting whale and dolphin watching excursion that will give you a great opportunity to observe these mighty marine creatures up close. You will have the chance to spot humpback whales at a close range and this will definitely be a mesmerizing experience for people of all ages. Yet another attraction during this whale watching and dolphin watching excursion is watching the dolphins dancing around in the waters. They are known to be really friendly animals and do not fear coming close to the boat and to interact with you. Many a resort and Port Stephens accommodation offer whale watching as a part of the package and if you stay at a property like Oaks Pacific Blue Resort, make sure you ask about the activities they offer.


Scuba diving

The water in this area is known to be an idyllic spot for scuba diving activities. This is because the local waters of Port Stephens will captivate interest of any diver regardless of whether you are a beginner or not. Underwater, you will find various kinds of fish, Coral formations, Turtles, and many other magical Marine creatures. Scuba divers will also encounter some natural formations and many shipwreck sites. If you are planning on diving and exploring a shipwreck make sure you go online and research about the ship and how it happened to end up underwater. As visitor you will be able to hire or purchase all the necessary scuba diving gear you will need in the area itself.



Considered to be calming water sport activity, kayaking is loved by everyone who has tried their hand at it. You will be able to hire yourself a kayak to explore the waters in the area. Port Stephens is also known to be a great location for paddling and mind-blowing scenery that will delight you to no end. You will be surprised to know that many kayakers are joined by the very friendly local dolphins while they explore the water. If you are new to the area and are also new to this water activity you might need necessary guidance and instructions before you head out on this adventure.



The waters of Port Stephens are perfect for surfers, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional. The waves in this area are excellent and provide an exhilarating experience for all surfers. If you are a new surfing enthusiast and want to try your hand at the sport while you are on a holiday here you will be able to get professional instructions and guidance in surfing.



The ultimate adventurous water sport activity while you are in Port Stephens, you definitely must try parasailing above the sea. You will have the opportunity to go alone or with someone else and look at the view from the skies. Regardless of whether you choose to parasail alone or with someone else, this will definitely be a memory you will treasure for your life. On your parasailing excursion you will be able to enjoy amazing views of the waters below and around you.

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