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KLEERTECH® has grown its product and service offerings, but we continue to be dedicated to the challenge of providing quality, cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternatives for our customers.

Something So Simple — ZXP Series 7 Printer and ZC350 card

The Zebra Printers of ZXP Series 7 gives the highest-quality card print through the latest in the Zebra card printing machineries. These ZXP Series 7 printers have the innovative design. It repeatedly adjusts itself to the width of the card where the ribbon loading becomes easy. The color code guides had been easily visible on the clear LCD control panels. The ID card and the badge printer became simple for anybody to use it and are accessible with so many configurations like the single and the dual sided. Elective in-line laminated badges have also been a popular option.

Different ID Cards and Badge Printers – Using Everything Simple

Aside from outsourcing the badge printing needs of your company, why not invest with the badge printer that is your own? There are shops that have the variety of ID laminated badges printers that you can choose from, in both the dual-sided and single-sided. These are engineered that will deliver quality outcome in a high…

We Are Here to Help!

“A ‘green’ meeting is one that is organized and implemented in such a way as to minimize negative impacts on the environment and promote a positive social legacy for the host community. Meetings and events are not stand alone activities. The average meeting or conference influences a number of other independent yet interactive industry sectors which, in turn, may produce a direct economic, social and environmental impact at their point of intersection. Meetings thus become stepping stones for sustainability in communities, creating local market demand for reductions in the use of toxic materials, the production of waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and the use of water and energy.”

Building A Dream Event

Imagine you’ve decided you want to buy a house. You are a first-time buyer, and you want your Dream Home to be a new construction home. What are some of the first things you should think about?

Sustainability And Event Planning

The origins of sustainability go far back in human history. Individuals and societies became aware of the problems associated with resource depletion and population growth from an early time. Individuals like the philosopher Plato in the fifth century BC and historian Pliny the elder wrote about the harms to the environment from activities such as farming, logging, and mining. Ancient societies in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome confronted environmental problems such as deforestation and soil salinization often caused by poor resource management.

Read All About It!

KLEERTECH® is proud to tell you all about the front page coverage we got in the spring edition of the Missouri Meetings and Events (MME) on line magazine. The cover story features an interview with our co-founder, Mike Bishop and quotes from several of our event supplies and registration services customers. Some of whom are among our many long time clents. Our customer service staff gets a well deserved shout out too.
 Follow this link to read the full story Cover Story
 MME is a valued organization which supports and promotes the event industry in our home state of Missouri. Event professionals and the event industry in Missouri rely on MME to give them up to date news and information on the event industry at large.

Event badges and two sided badges

All of these kinds are simply designed and printed by using the direct thermal printer, turning the text at the bottom part.It can print effortlessly by usin...

Green Events in the Time of Covid-19

At this moment in history when the world, the country and yes, even meeting and event planners have  hit the Pause button, we are all hoping and waiting for the time when we can hit Play and return to business as usual. In the interim, some event planners have been able to substitute virtual platforms for face to face – in person meetings, conferences, and trade shows. However, we think when life does get back to normal most people will want to return to the face to face experience that can’t be replaced with a virtual platform.

Kleertech Accessories - What Makes One Successful Name Badge | Facebook

The major thing to take into consideration is readability. When the name of the person is illegible since the style of typing is too detailed or just too...