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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 29, 2019
Headline for 7 things to keep you busy in Singapore during Chinese New Year - Keep yourself occupied in Singapore
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7 things to keep you busy in Singapore during Chinese New Year - Keep yourself occupied in Singapore

As people gather to celebrate the Chinese New Year, there is another side where everything comes to a standstill, the streets and roads are empty and the shops are usually shut.


Stop by the Chinatown Festive Market

If you forgot to do some last-minute shopping for food and groceries you need to make a quick visit to the Chinatown Festive Market. Even though it seems like the place has more festive products it also stocks general day to day products. Since shops will be closed for quite a long time it is important to stock up on food and other necessities.


Visit friends and relatives

It is customary to visit family and friends during the Chinese New Year. This will expose you to the culture, traditions and other practices that take place during the festivities. You will also get to indulge in some traditional food.


Visit Istana and explore

Have you ever wondered what it is like behind the gates of the presidential house in Singapore? You will be able to explore and find some of the answers if you visit Istana. The presidential house is open to the public on public holidays allowing locals and tourists to explore the area. Not too far from Park Hotel Group, properties anyone interested must make time to visit this attraction.


Go to a park

Going to a park will allow you to enjoy time outdoors and enjoy the serene beauty of nature. The flowers, the trees and the birds with the peace and quiet in nature is a great way to destress while you take a break from your everyday life. Parks are bound to be much less crowded so you can make use of this opportunity.


Go visit tourist attractions

If you are not a fan of crowds but enjoy visiting major tourist attractions this time is the best time for you to enjoy these excursions. There will not be many people lining up for activities during the Chinese New Year so you can make the best of it. Plan to go ahead of time and plan the day with all the activities you would like to do. Most hotels in Asia Pacific are expensive during this season so staying in Singapore and being a tourist during the season is a viable option.


Walking around town

Walking around town does not seem like an exciting activity. But being able to walk around time without having to dodge other pedestrians and being able to enjoy the streets, decorations, roads and the trees and flowers in peace and harmony is a completely new experience. You will find the streets to be almost empty but it is a great way to pay attention to detail and enjoy the city you are in.


Have some alone time

This is the best time to have some time for yourself. It gives you time to reflect on your actions and plan things ahead. To improve yourself on matters you have been lagging or neglecting. This time is good for you to figure out your future. Alone time does not have to be about staring into the ceiling and pondering about life, it could be about cooking a meal for yourself, reading a good book, watching a movie or even going to a salon to treat yourself.

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