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5 Common Car Problems

This is the most common car problems and car troubleshooting a car owner must know.

Car Won't Start Just Clicks

If car won’t start just clicks noise is heard when the ignition is switch "ON" is usually an indication of problem involving a battery. If this problem happens the first thing to be check is the condition of the battery.

Brakes Problem Troubleshooting

On this page you can find the common car brake problems diagnosis and troubleshooting guide base on actual workshop experience of car technicians.

Car Engine Problems Troubleshooting

On this page of all about car, you will find a troubleshooting guide for common car engine problems. The engine problem on this page is based on the technician experience, this will only serve as a guide and will not guarantee to solve your engine problem, please feel free to read out the article below.

Dashboard Warning Lights

On this page you will find the meaning of Malfunction Indicator Lights (MIL) when it appears on your dashboard. Dash lights indicates problem encountered on the car. Several dash warning lights is installed on every car for easily determination of the car problem.

Auto AC Repair

On this page of all about cars, you will find auto ac repair troubleshooting and diagnosis. The troubleshooting guide indicated on this page is just the basic guide from mechanic previous experiences. Scroll down below to look at different troubleshooting information about auto ac.