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43% of cyber-attacks are against small businesses
The cyber threat to small and medium businesses (SMBs) is more financially damaging than the combined threat of fire, flood, and transport strikes.

Why You Need a Cyber Security Risk Assessment | Cybersecurity

Every organization needs a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to protect their data. A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment looks at Asset Inventory and identifies Threats, Vulnerabilities, Gaps, and more.

Tips for “The Talk” With Your Kids – The Tech Talk That is | Cybersecurity

Children are getting connected to the internet at an early age. Here are a few tips to help parents have that important conversation with their children regarding Tech Safety.

Small Business Needs Vulnerability Assessment for Data Safety | Cybersecurity

There are a number of ways that attacks to data are made - from simple phishing emails to infiltrating web application flaws. Every Small Business needs a Vulnerability Assessment for Data Safety.

Avoiding PUPs! | Cybersecurity

PUP stands for Potentially Unwanted Program. The acronym is used by the information security industry to identify software that a user may perceive as unwanted.

Keeping Your Smart Home Safe | Cybersecurity

Many of today’s smart devices can collect, analyze, and share data without human intervention. In this article you can find a few basic steps you can take to protect your devices and data from cyber security threats.

What Facebook Knows About your Photos | Cybersecurity

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking website with over a billion active users. Facebook’s deep machine learning algorithm is capable of identifying a wide variety of details within a photograph.

Cyber Security Training Program Prepares for Protection | Cybersecurity

A focused group of 10 individuals recently completed the premier course of PamTen’s Cyber Security Training. This program was created and presented in conjunction with InfoRisk.

Don’t Get Caught by a SMiShing Scam| Cybersecurity

SMiShing is a phishing scam using Short Message Service (SMS) text messages. With the proliferation of cell phone use, personal emailing is declining. Criminals are looking for the next open window to access information.

Share – But Not Too Much on Social Media | Cybersecurity

Social networking platforms can also pose a problem for your data security. We have a tendency to share Too Much Information (TMI), and that can put your cyber and personal safety at risk.

Quick Tip to Strengthen Your Password | Cybersecurity

The strongest passwords are now 8 to 12 characters long and contain capital and lower case letters, numbers and characters. If you’re worried that a longer password will be harder to remember, there are ways to overcome that and make it memorable but not easily recognizable.

Make Two Step Verification Part of Your Cybersecurity Routine| Cybersecurity

Two Factor Authentication adds that extra layer of protection to your online presence. Sites like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, PayPal, and others have been using it for a long time. Here’s why it’s important to implement.

Cybersecurity Services | Risk Assessment | Security Awareness Training

Risk Assessment, Security Awareness, Training and Audit services help you discover your vulnerabilities, address and correct them, and give your business better cyber security protection.