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Interesting Facts about Mozambique - The Most Fascinating Aspects of Mozambique

As one of the most fascinating nations in southern Africa, the Republic of Mozambique is a unique land full of wonder and mystery. Here are some of the most interesting aspects of the country.


Iconic Train Station

The nation's capital is known for its many landmark buildings but none are quite so famous as the central train station. Designed by an associate of the famed architect who designed the Eiffel Tower, one of the most notable features of the exquisite work of architecture is its latticework completed in wrought iron. The verandas and the columns also add a sense of grandeur to the venue as does its dark green-hued colour.


Some of Africa's Finest National Parks are Here

Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are such a big part of the Mozambique that nearly 22% of the country's landmass is devoted to them. The protected areas in the country are so vast that it encompasses not one but six national parks and countless other reserves where poaching and human activity is restricted to preserve the biodiversity of the ecosystem. One of the most popular national parks in Mozambique is the Gorongosa National Park which occupies the southern edge of the Great African Rift Valley. As one of Africa's most coveted safari hotspots the park has grown in both vegetation and the variety of wildlife after the decades' long civil war nearly destroyed the environment and its inhabitants.


There's an Island by the Same Name

While most countries lay claim to islands, few bear the same name as the country itself. Mozambique is the exception as the Island of Mozambique is a breathtaking isle located to the north of the country between scenic Mossuril Bay and the Mozambique Channel. Belonging to the province of Nampula, the island served as the capital of East Africa when the region was under Portuguese rule. Revered for its white, sandy beaches the island is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a premier holiday hub in Mozambique. One of the main attractions in the island is the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte which is an ancient place of worship which dates back to 1522.


New Found Riches

Although the country is one of the least rich nations in the region, the discovery of natural gas caches in an area of the island has the potential to alter the country's economic status dramatically. The gas reserves which were unearthed as recently as 2012 has allowed the country to diversify its economy and imagine a brighter future as the revenue from selling this precious commodity can help develop the country.


Beaches Galore

Tipped to be one of southern Africa's best beach holiday destinations, Mozambique contains nearly 1535 miles of pristine coastline. As a major reason why travellers head to the country, the stunning beaches and the breathtaking coral reefs that occupy the underwater landscapes of Mozambique are other reasons beach lovers revere the African nation. Marine life enthusiasts who wish to witness whales, dolphins and predatory fish species the likes of whale sharks flock to the country each year to catch a glimpse of the majestic beasts and the vibrant coral reefs they inhabit. Visitors based at Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort or any other Mozambique resorts across the island can experience this first hand.