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5 easy tips to secure your Android phone

‘Personal data’ – we all have it! And each of us wants our data to be secure and safe from leaks and hack attempts. Yet, people get their data compromised every now & then. Here are some tips that will help you secure your personal data and android phones


Install only from Google Play Store

There is a reason why Google Play Store is always recommended over other sources of application, and also, the default setting in the security section is set to installations from unknown sources not allowed.
Also, once you are done downloading and installing an app on your phone, Play Store scans your installed apps for malware integration.


Security software solutions

The increasing need for security has called out to android app development companies to create solutions that can augment the security levels. Most of the popular desktop antivirus software companies like Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee etc., have stepped into android app development with their exclusive apps for android phones. The major functions these apps execute are scanning a WiFi network, anomalies in-app permissions, manually scan apps, settings, and files, and use geo-location to track down a lost phone.


Beware of the wireless channels

Unaware of the fact that wireless channels are one of the most sensitive nodes that hackers use to fiddle with our personal information without hitting the security radars of our phones.
Using Bluetooth, hackers can attack your phone in three ways: Bluejacking, Bluesnarfing, Bluebugging. In order to avoid being a victim, either keep your Bluetooth turned off or at undiscoverable mode, at all times.
Compared to Bluetooth, WiFi is a bigger threat when it comes to hacking. This is because WiFi network has faster access and stronger connection among devices. To keep your data safe, avoid using public WiFi networks, especially those with open access.



Google releases its Android security patches from time to time. To know more about what new security changes has Google introduced in the security patch, you can visit Android Security Bulletin to get a detailed breakup of troubleshooting and fixes, if any. Security patches are designed to address the existing security issues experienced by users in the past versions. Check for manual updates from time to time in the ‘About Phone’ section in phone settings.


Register with Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is one of the most important tools to keep your personal data from being accessed by an unauthorized person, in the event of losing your phone. It is a simple utility that allows you to locate your device through GPS, play sound to find your phone in case it is nearby or wipe out your phone data completely in case of an emergency. The mobile app for the same can be found on the Play Store that goes by the name ‘Find My Device’, you can simply go to the website titled ‘Find My Device’.

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5 easy tips to secure your android phones

5 easy tips to secure your android phones