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10 Things You didn’t Know You Could do in Koh Samui – Attractions that Augment Your Holiday with Fun

The island known for its beaches and its tranquil, peaceful setting, Koh Samui is an island found in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is glutted with attractions, and activities that spring from them.


Relax at the beaches

The white powdery sand met with the azure waters of the ocean depicts the beaches of the island. Koh Samui beaches are an absolute treat for anyone who wishes to spend their day in tranquil calmness. Though this is the obvious choice of activity, many overlook the beauty of Koh Samui beaches. The beaches convey the temperament that they have been created with the sole purpose of entertaining its visitors. Someone lodged at a Samui beach resort can reap the benefit of the beaches without much hassle – the likes of Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort touts much on the beaches.


Thai Rum Distillery

Magic Alambic Rum Distillery is the only one of its kind in the whole of Thailand. The enterprise was an idea of a couple who saw the abundance of sugarcanes, which then had not been put to any profitable use, and also the idleness of their days inspired this notion. The rum brewed at the distillery is carefully produced and bottled with absolute perfection. The locals and tourists find Magic Alambic Rum Distillery to their liking.


The Samui Cultural Centre

The synthesis of culture and religion is what attracts people to the cultural centre. The centre is funded by an individual named Khun Chart who was born and bred in Samui. His patronage ensures that the centre is run without any interruption. The statues that decorate the very entrance of the place are made by the hands of its patron. Every one of these statues shines with a pang of historical and religious significance.


Central Festival Samui

This stupendous shopping centre is the latest addition to Koh Samui's shopping sphere. It is regarded to be Asia's largest beachfront shopping complex. The complex occupies a seven-storey building that lines the beach. With over 200 fashion outlets coupled with restaurants that offer an alfresco dining experience, the complex remains to be among the must-visit places in Samui.


Thai Cooking Classes

If you are among the many tourists who've fallen in love with the tastes and flavours of Thai dishes, Koh Samui offers you a great opportunity to learn Thai way of cooking. There are several culinary classes dedicated to teaching tourists the preparation of delicious Thai dishes.


Fishermen's Village

The village has gained quite the reputation as a tourist attraction. This has everything to do with the myriad of shops that offers souvenirs, gift items, jewellery and clothing items. You can also find a few bars and restaurants dispersed among souvenir shops.


Grandpa and Grandma Rocks

The rock formation rather emits a tinge of erotic sentiment. There's a fascinating story behind the formation of these rocks. It is said that there was an old couple who was eager to see their son married to a woman. In earnest, they set sail for the neighbouring village in the hopes of finding a suitable match. Little did they know that their voyage would come to an end with them perished at sea and so they did. In their eagerness to let the bride's parents know of their intentions, they turned into rocks. The fascination is inspired by the shapes of the rocks – by a few in particular, which pose to be a woman's lady bits!


Thai massage centres

Thai massage centres are known for their skilled service. There's a mass of massage centres all over Koh Samui and finding one poses no challenge. With prices so reasonable, masseurs are also willing to come to your hotel to make the services available to you.



While there's a range of watersports available, Flyboarding is somewhat exclusive to the territory of Koh Samui.


Bees Knees Brewpub

The testaments of tourists who have already visited the place leave you in no doubt in regards to the quality of beer. Bees Knees Brewpub couples excellent customer service with a wide variety of beer.