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10 Things Singapore is Famous For – Truly Singaporean

A tiny yet a marvellous country, Singapore is truly unique. Here are some things that are truly Singaporean.


The stunning skyline near Marina Bay

The stunning skyline near Marina Bay
The skyline near Marina Bay has been a ready witness to Singapore's dramatic development. The skyscrapers in the vicinity reach up to the sky and illuminate the skyline at night. If you find accommodation at a hotel near Clarke Quay MRT Singapore, you'll probably be able to gaze at this view after dark. You can go for an evening stroll along the Marina Bay to experience the sublime beauty first hand. Hotels such as the Park Hotel Clarke Quay offer quick access to the area.


It is one of the cleanest countries in the world

Singapore can easily contest for the title of maintaining the cleanest streets in the world. The Government keeps a watchful eye on its citizens and visitors to make sure that no one litters or spits on the road. Offenders have to pick up litter sporting a bright vest.


It is a well-designed garden city

It is a well-designed garden city
You'll often see flowers bloom on well-manicured bushes in busy sections of the city. In spite of its growing population, Singapore strives to maintain a green environment. Tall trees stand proud along with the central dividers on the highway and clumps of greenery pour forth from overhead bridges.


Singapore Sling

The classic Singapore Sling is one of those must-try cocktails when you are in Singapore. While there are disputes amongst mixologists about the exact mix of beverages in the drink, Singapore Sling generally contains gin, cherry brandy, club soda, and lime or lemon juice. Your bartender may top off the drink with a crimson maraschino cherry.


The absence of chewing gum

In 1992, the Singaporean government imposed heavy fines on anyone sticking their chewed gum on to public spaces. Since then chewing gums are hard to come by in Singapore. You will be hard-pressed to find chewing gum at stores unless you take a prescription for nicotine gum. But you can, of course, take your own gum.


Shopping malls

Singaporeans love shopping and often spend hours at malls, browsing, buying and feasting on gourmet food. Famous Orchard road is forever busy and locals and tourists flock to ritzy malls. Air-conditioned malls are after all provide welcome respites from the scorching sun.


Hygienic street food

Eating at restaurants in Singapore is expensive. Hawker stalls present a safe yet delectable alternative. The Government regulates street food vendors to ensure hygiene standards and quality of food. You can safely tuck into a platter of Hainanese chicken rice, fish head curry and bubble tea from any hawker stall.


World's Best Airport

Singapore's Changi Airport is possibly the best airport in the world. There is a free cinema theatre, a breath-taking waterfall and even a flower garden at the airport. The airport staff is friendly and helpful. You can shop, eat and simply enjoy some time at the airport.


Kaya Toast

Admittedly, kaya toast is not strictly speaking a Singaporean speciality, but locals love it. Buttered kaya toast comes with kaya jam and two glistening hen's eggs. Kaya toast with kopi (coffee) is a must-try dish in Singapore.


Singaporean Chili Crab

A sort of a national dish in Singapore, chilli crab packs the nutty creaminess of crab with fiery sambal sauce and herbs. The dish first came into being when an inventive woman wanted to cook crab in a different way. A famous chef later came up with the twist of mixing sambal sauce into the dish. Get your bib on and tuck into the succulent goodness. Leave tables manners at home.

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