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DISC Team Building Increases Employee Morale

Learn about DISC & how to use DISC Tests, DISC Assessments and other DISC Personality Profile related products DISC for business, HR, and personal growth.

DISC Personality Assessment, DISC Personality Test, DISC Profiles

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DISC: The History of DISC Personality Styles

DISC is based on four quadrants of personality, which dates back to 444 B.C. with theories by Empodocles. Dr Marston developed the theory behind current day DISC at Harvard University and published his results in the 1928, "Emotions of Normal People".

Personality Types of DISC: D Personality Type (Dominant)

The D Personality Style, in the DISC Profile, is direct and driven. They are big picture thinkers and desire to see tangible results. Because they enjoy being in positions of authority and having control, they fear being taken advantage of by others.

Personality Types of DISC: I Personality Type (Influential)

The I Personality Style, in the DISC Profile, is outgoing, extroverted, and a great motivators of others. Because they enjoy being the center of attention and desire approval from others, they fear rejection from others.

Personality Types of DISC: S Personality Style (Steady)

The S Personality Style, in the DISC Profile, is stable, sympathetic, and desires positive relationships and environments. Because safety and stability is so important to them and they desire some level of predictability, they tend to fear change.

Personality Types of DISC: C Personality Type (Conscientious)

The C Personality Style, in the DISC Profile, is concerned with accuracy, attention to detail, and logic. Because they strive for precision and correctness and base their work and decisions on research and information, they fear being criticized, especially for their work.

DISC Addons: Added Value to the DISC Profile

The DISC Profile, when combined with behavioral assessments on one's internal motivators, thinking style, and contributions to a team, can truly give you insight about a person from a three-dimensional perspective. Try the DISC Profile paired with TEAMS and Values Styles online assessments.