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Headline for Must Buys in Chiang Rai – Products Chiang Rai is Famous for
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Must Buys in Chiang Rai – Products Chiang Rai is Famous for

Shopping in Chiang Rai is much better than shopping in Bangkok. Though you'll find a similar collection of items, Chiang Mai shopping centres offer better pricing, not to mention the lesser crowds.


Thai Silk

This is considered to be the best silk in the world, which is down to its strong weave that can withstand heavy dyeing. There are types of silk as it happens: rough and smooth. The functionality of two differs – the smooth one has rather a lustrous silky feel to it and is more apt for clothing and interior designing. On the other hand, the rough one is more suited to curtains, blankets and table runners. If you don't want to fall prey to polyester imitations, there are two methods that would tell which is real silk and which is not: if you burn a piece of Thai silk, it'll burn the whole thing away reducing it to nothing but ash, but fire has a different effect on polyester, when burning, it will emanate a black smoke, and even when the flame is out, it will keep singeing.



If you've taken the trouble of attending a cooking class with Spice Spoons affiliated with Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, you must also buy yourself a few spices with a Thai cookbook. These spices are the domineering aspect of Thai dishes, and your Thai dish wouldn't have that quality if you opt-out the spices. Among the spices you can buy in Chiang Rai are cinnamon, mustard powder, cumin, and coriander seeds - a few of the popular venues for buying spices would be Chiang Rai Herb Shop, Chezmoi Handicraft Shop, Doi Chang Coffee House and Chiang Rai Walking Street.



You must have definitely tried a delicious cup of Chiang Rai tea at Chiang Saen hotels. The tea industry is another booming attribute of the country's economy. The climate makes it possible for a thriving tea industry. Chiang Rai tea is so immaculately prepared according to international standards. The local tea is excellent in terms of quality and taste.



Thailand isn't exactly famous for coffee; however, the climate and the mountainous landscape around Chiang Rai make it a viable aspect. If you are a fan of coffee, during your trip, you must definitely visit one of the coffee plantations.


Hill Tribe Handicrafts

Tribal people have much to do when it comes to tourism in Chiang Rai. They contribute to it by putting their skills to use. There is an overwhelming range of products made by tribal people – pillowcases, handwoven fabric, carpets, houseware, ceramics and wood carvings are among them.


Spa Products

There are unique spa products made out plants and flowers in the city. The collection includes essential oils, scented candles, soaps, body scrubs and foot soaks – the essential oils are made by extracting the essence of plants such as lavender, lemongrass and peppermint. Carved soaps are a hit among tourists too; the soaps are carved in the shapes of flowers mostly – the artist will mould the shaped into the desired shape and paint it afterwards.