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10 Best Articles on Health Effects of Cell Phones

Cell phones and male infertility: a review of recent innovations in technology and consequences. - PubMed - NCBI

Cellular phones cause a health impact through a thermal effect with its electromagnetic waves. This thermal heat could damage tissues if the heat is not dissipated in a timely manner. The part of the body that are poor in dissipating heat are in the eyes and testes because of the relatively low blood flow to the areas. Some studies have exposed semen to EMF radiation and it showed a very significant decrease in motility and viability. A large portion of the studies did illustrate a decrease in male fertility with cellphone usage.

Epidemiologic evidence on mobile phones and tumor risk: a review. - PubMed - NCBI

The main purpose of the review focuses on how mobile phones have increased the risk of being diagnosed with brain tumors. There were 17 papers that were focused on with all being case-control studies while only 2 were cohort studies. A majority of the papers showed no increase in risk no matter the length of exposure. The conclusion of the review was that they was not sufficient evidence to directly state an increased risk in any duration of exposure. This highlights the complexity in research for long-term diseases. The only way for these researches to be conclusive is to wait and let time take its course. Eventually, the truth will prevail and what has been speculation may turn into fact.

Mobile phones, heat shock proteins and cancer. - PubMed - NCBI

The authors developed a new mechanism by which radiofrequency radiation from mobile phones could induce cancer. The heat shock response is primarily driven by thermal heating or stresses in cells that could induce cancer. In today’s knowledge, radiofrequency radiation has been seen to cause a small effect in certain cells and sensitive tissues through the heat shock response. The findings state that the lower the frequency levels the more significant the response in relation to exposure levels.

Source of Funding and Results of Studies of Health Effects of Mobile Phone Use: Systematic Review of Experimental Stu...

The paper reviewed 59 studies that has explored the effects of electromagnetic frequencies and their results. 40 of those studies stated a statistically significant result in associating measurable health effects in mobile phone users. The 19 remaining studies published an inconclusive study or one that was not statistically significant. It is interesting to note that the studies that had published an inconclusive result were funded by the telecommunication industry. The 40 of studies that had reported a link between mobile phones and adverse health effects were mainly funded by nonprofits, charities or government agencies. This is an important illustration to why there is so much controversy regarding this topic.

Cellular telephones and cancer--a nationwide cohort study in Denmark. - PubMed - NCBI

The paper discusses the use of cellular telephones and the association it has with cancer because of the hypothesized carcinogenic effects of its radiofrequency signals. They conducted a nationwide experiment to find a link between the cause of cancer and use of cellular phones. It is interesting to note that this study was funded by TeleDanmarkMobil and Sonofon – two of the biggest telecommunication companies in Denmark. This study has a very apparent conflict of interest and may explain why the results were inconclusive. Seeing that this paper was cited close to 450 times, it is a very influential paper that may have published misleading information to the public to protect their very own company.

Electromagnetic safety of children using wireless phones: A literature review

In this article, several issues related to the safety of electromagnetic field exposure of children when using wireless devices such as mobile phones are described. There is substantial evidence on tobacco smoke, pesticides and other chemicals in food attributing to the rise in leukemia. However, that only accounts for ten percent of childhood leukemia with the vast majority of occurrences unknown. There is a growing research on how electromagnetic frequency (EMF) have attributed to the rise in childhood leukemia. Because in today’s world, almost everyone is exposed to EMF fields.

Mobile phones, mobile phone base stations and cancer: a review. - PubMed - NCBI

The authors of this paper are addressing the question if long-term cell phone use or exposure to the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted from cell phones provides any risks in developing a brain tumor. The papers that were reviewed had to meet certain criteria: i. It had to be from a peer reviewed journal. The review study stated that children posed the highest risks because of thinner skulls and a lower brain volume. The result of the review was that they found a statistical significance towards using a cell phone for greater than 10 years that doubles the risk for acquiring brain tumors. This is especially important in younger generations where phones become a necessity in life from communication to basic directions. This could possibly be attributed to rises in childhood cancers and brain tumors.

Systematic review of wireless phone use and brain cancer and other head tumors. - PubMed - NCBI

The authors based this review largely on epidemiology research. It is important to note that none of the papers had data for long-term usage of cellular phones and virtually no data for the effects it had on children. In conclusion, the assessments of all the papers yielded no statistically significant association between an increase in brain cancer and cellphone use. This is in part due to the limited data that was at hand to make any determinations on cell phone’s effect on adults and children in the long-term. Therefore, it is still not safe to dismiss the claims that have been increasing in popularity.

WHO | Systematic review on the health effects of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from mobile phone ...

The review of health effects included human trials and epidemiology studies that have been conducted from 1998-2008. In the end, the review did not concretely associate health effects and mobile phone use. However, it did note the limitations of its review and the absence of any long-term data. The authors stated that because of the absence of crucial evidence, no effects were found but that does not mean no effects exists. It just reveals a gap in research that needs to be addressed. The hypothetical risks concerning mobile phones could in fact be real but science has yet to prove it so.

The review article focuses on ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. There is a known effect of what ionizing radiation can do to the human body and the general knowledge of how we view non-ionizing radiation is safe and as such choose to ignore its effects. Non-ionizing radiation include radio frequencies and other low frequency waves. However, no matter the frequency waves, they all generate heat. The low frequency waves generate negligible energy to damage DNA in human tissues but it is highly controversial how these low frequency waves could have adverse health effects.