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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 27, 2019
Headline for Top Things to Do in Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark – Exploring Malaysia’s Latest Attraction
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Top Things to Do in Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark – Exploring Malaysia’s Latest Attraction

Johor's latest attraction Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark is a great place for a weekend or a quick getaway during the school holidays; its action-packed and has quite a few surprises on offer.


Super Twister

This is a super slippery course of tunnels and funnels that leads you through radius curves and unexpected drops.


Kraken's Revenge

One of the favourites at the park; The Kraken's Revenge is quite a thrill. The rollercoaster lifts you 30m in the air, takes you through a 360-degree horizontal loop before taking a 27m dive into the gaping maw of the Kraken – the ride reaches up to 70km/h.


The Swinging Ship

Who doesn't love pirates? – No one. Sit in this gigantic replica of a pirate ship and hold on for dear life as the ship swings back and forth on a 180-degree thrill ride.


Penawar Falls

Penawar Falls is an artificial cliff face with three separate waterfalls. This presents a great photo opportunity for the many visitors who come to the park.


The Lazy River

Desaru Coast Adventure Park proudly boasts the longest lazy river in Malaysia. The Penawar River stretches around 350m and it loops around the lush greenery of zone 2 at the park. Everyone who visits spends hours just floating around this beautifully landscaped area.


Penawar River Huts

Cabanas and neat little huts that can accommodate large groups or families dot the banks of the Penawar River and are rented out at an affordable price, making them a great place to just relax and chill-away the day.


The Tempest

This ride is going to make you scream for sure, it is an extremely thrilling experience as you go through a 55 foot tube into a funnel and into a swirling vortex before getting dropped with a giant splashback into a pool. It sounds scary but it is so much fun.


Wild Whirl

This is another of the park's 4 famous slides. You better hold on tight this is one fast ride. You'll first ride down a super-steep channel before getting shot into a wide-open bowl where you're just stuck to walls as the sheer speed and momentum take you in circles before taking you through the corkscrew slide and into a large pool.



The last but maybe the best of the slides the park has to offer. The speed is intense and the angles are steep and you'll be sucked into a few twisters before you fall into the pool waiting below. It's a ride to get the adrenaline pumping.


Kids ahoy

Desaru Coast Adventure Park is a great place to come as a family. The nearby area is dotted with some of the most family-friendly beach villas in Malaysia. One of the most recommended and arguably best is Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas – you'll love it and so will the kids. They'll probably have more fun at the Kids ahoy area in the waterpark though, there are so many rides and play areas they can enjoy.