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National Police Check

An Australian National Police check lodging site for Standard Employment Police check and Volunteer Police check purpose is offering fast Criminal History Check Services processed within 24-48 hours.


National Police Check for Employment and Volunteer in Australia | KONCHECK

KONCHECK is a 100% Online Portal to lodge "National Police Check For Australia"! Cut the dependencies on Paper-forms and Submit the application in a few simp...

Requirement of a Criminal History Check for Volunteer Works

If you are interested in Volunteer Work in Australia, you may need a Criminal History Check, especially to work in Aged, Child and Disabled care.

Mainly it is required for government funding and the duty of care requirements. Volunteers, working in government-funded or supported aged care, are needed to renew the check-in every 3 years.

A candidate can obtain a check from KONCHECK, an accredited site of Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). KONCHECK delivers the result in 1-2 business days in 70% of the cases if no potential matches are found.


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A Criminal History Check - Mandatory for Commercial Drivers

Applying for a Courier Driver job? Or will you be driving a ride-share vehicle? To work in the transport industry in Australia, only having a full driving licence may not enough. One may need to apply for driver accreditation.

You will need to obtain a National Police Check to apply for driver accreditation. Passing a Medical assessment is also required to determine the suitability to drive a public passenger vehicle.

KONCHECK, an accredited body of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) can help you to obtain a Criminal History Check through a 100% online process. It is fast, affordable and reliable too. Visit


To know the full process, go through the entire Video.
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Applying for Driver Accreditation in Australia

The transportation industry is among Australia's fastest-growing industries. Holding a full driving license, however, isn't enough when driving a hire car, courier vehicle, motorcycle, public bus, rideshare etc. For that case, even a driver accreditation is a must. A driver accreditation or authorization is a state-wise scheme that determines the fact if a driver meets…

What are the State-Wise On-Demand Transport requirements in Australia?

To drive a public passenger vehicle in an Australian state or territory, you need to obtain the necessary driver authorisation requirements. A National Police check certificate and a Medical fitness certificate are the primary requirements while applying for the licence. Read More

Know the difference between AFP Check and Criminal History Check

Sometimes it happens that you need a Police check urgently and searching on the web about the information before proceeding the check. But there is too many information on the internet which may lead to more confusion!

Are you Looking For a Job? This Blog Contains Recent Job Demands Across Australia

A weekly based report from the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment shows statistics of the most demanded jobs in Australian states and territories. Sales representative jobs top the list followed by the demand of registered nurses. The legislation requires you to have a criminal History check if you want to work with children. It determines the suitability for child-related work. The β€˜spent’ conviction rule slightly differs in case of Read More

Apply for your online Criminal History check with KONCHECK, hassle-free

Generally, a Police Checks determines the suitability of a candidate who wishes to work in the non-profitable organisations, especially when the job profile has contact with the vulnerable groups…

The importance of Police Checks before Hiring Employees

Criminal History Check plays a vital role at the time of hiring employees. It helps to determine the suitability of an applicant to work in the sector.Β  That is the reason why most of the employers in Australia are opting for the National Police Check, and the checks are growing 10% annually.

How Do You Obtain a Working with Children Check? Why is it Required?

A Criminal History Check and a Working with Children check is not the same. Every Australian state/territory sets their own guidelines for the WWCC, and an applicant needs to obtain this check from the particular state/territory governing body. Is the WWCC transferable between states? The answer will be Read More

National Police Check: What are the Different Types of Pre-employment Checks an Employer Can Conduct Before Hiring?

There are several types of background checks for employment can be performed at the time of hiring a candidate. Criminal History check is also a type of background checks. Other than that reference check is also another significant type of background checks. The recruiter can contact the candidate's references to find out about his performances Read More

Why Conducting Background Checks only on new Employees is Insufficient – Adore Australia

It is standard for many companies to carry out background checks during the hiring process, but a significant number of them neglect to do so after a few years on the same employees. Are you making the same mistake? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your decision! It is equally important to rescreen current employees from time to time. Once you are partnered with an accredited Criminal History Check service provider like KONCHECK, it will make your job a lot easier.

Is It Required to Have a Criminal History Check to Teach in Australia?

In Australia, many professions require registration and the education sector is one of them. To teach in Australia, one needs to register themselves with the regulatory body of that state or territory. The requirements vary from state to state; however, having a Criminal History Check and a Working with Children check may be mandatory to apply for the registration. If an applicant doesn’t provide consent to undertake the criminal check, their registration may be Read More

How Vital a Criminal History Check is for a Volunteer to Work in Australia

A Criminal History Check gives Employers a sigh of relief and allows individuals to work as a volunteer.

KONCHECK offers tailor-made business solutions for your organisation! – National Police Check & Background Check

KONCHECK offers tailor-made business solutions for your organisation Australian government has recommended every organisation to conduct Police checks on employees. It is often noticed that most of the organisation has its standard procedure when it comes to conducting a National Police check for new hires. However, this practice is not sufficient when it comes to…