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6 Must-see natural wonders in Oman - Nature’s stunning creations

Secluded from the world due to the natural formations, Oman has however become popular among people as a country that is home to inexpensive and easy natural locations to be explored.


Wadi Ghul

Wadi Ghul is known as the Grand Canyon of Arabia. Although not as large as the Grand Canyon the Wadi Ghul is just as mesmerising as the former. The stunning colours, the depth and the 1000 meter deep gorge make for a great location to go and spend time with nature.


A slice of Earth's mantle in Muscat

The backdrop of Muscat's most popular and lively waterfront is a stunning view like no other. The whitewashed buildings made by man stand in contrast to the blazing hues that are created by nature. The chain of hills comprises of a range of browns and oranges allowing nature to show its best creations to man.


Snake Gorge

The Snake Gorge was not given that name due to the location being inhabited with snakes. The location is, however, a drastic passage which becomes extremely narrow at one point where you can touch both sides of the wall at the same time. The structure of the Snake Gorge itself is what got this name upon it, as only a slithering snake can squeeze its way through. This is, however, not an easy task as the 3-kilometre trip involves climbing, swimming, trekking and hiking. If you are up for the task a hotel in Sohar or a tour guide is able to make the necessary arrangements for you.


Al Hoota cave

The organised tours that take a trip to the Al Hoota Cave take about 45 minutes and it done so on an electric train that enters the cave entrance. The interior of the cave is astounding as you cannot seem to comprehend mother nature's creations. Located a few kilometres to the west of Al Hamra the Al Hoota cake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Oman. For those who love to be mesmerised by creations of nature, this is one of the main items on the bucket list. Getting to the location from Al Wadi Hotel Sohar is a bit of a distance, but well worth the drive.


Beehive Tombs

The Beehive Tombs are known to have been built somewhere in between 3000 BC and 2000 BC. The seven-metre high tombs have been built from a quarried block of desert-varnished sandstones. It is said those sandstones were deposited on the seafloor more than a quarter of a billion years ago. The location is in the centre of two World Heritage Archaeological sites and these tombs are located above the village known as Al-Ayn.


Ancient Pillow Lavas

Some of the world's best pillow lavas can be seen in Nothern Oman. These rock formations are created due to the incandescent lava which chills instantly as it oozes into the frigid sea. The pillow lavas are said to have been created over ninety-five million years ago and the way that they have been preserved to date is astounding. It is a sight to see if you are in Oman as there is no other location on earth where you will get to see so many pillow lavas in one spot.

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