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Sammy's Night Club

Welcome to Sammy’s Night Club! We are a night club in Mercedes, Texas that offers customers aged 18 and above with fun and fresh night entertainment. Music, refreshments, and events-we have it all for you. What are you waiting for?

Planning A Bar Crawl

As Madonna would say, when the working day is done, girls (or boys) just wanna have fun. And nothing spells fun better than a good old fashioned bar crawl!

Exciting Things to Do in Mercedes, Texas

Visit the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show & Rodeo. It is an annual event in Mercedes, Texas. The first show was held in the 1940s as a nonprofit, educational organization. People from all over Texas eagerly anticipate the event and come to enjoy the many activities such as monster truck shows, the annual RGV boat and RV shows, thrilling live concerts, parade, rodeo, carnival rides, and competitive livestock events.

The Buddy System: Staying Safe While Out at Night

The world is a marvelous place full of wonders and mystery; however, it can also be very dangerous and confusing. And while it is important to have fun and unwind with your buddies at a sports bar in Texas every once in a while, one should also keep their safety and security in mind.

Deciding on an Outfit for a Night Out (A Woman’s Style Guide)

Going for a night out with friends is the perfect opportunity to dress up and look as chic as a Victoria’s Secret model. Whether you’re aiming for a chill lounge or a night club in Mercedes, Texas, this is the ultimate women’s guide to dressing for a night out that every woman needs to read!

Celebrate Your “Coming of Age” with Us

Coming of age is the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The adult age varies per country. Some become adults when they turn 18, while others have to wait until they reach 21. Different cultures have various ways of celebrating their coming of age.

Spice Up Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that lovers, especially long-time partners, are mostly looking forward to. A few days before the wedding may come with anxiety and anticipation. The couple and everyone involved in the preparation must plan and organize things carefully to make sure that the wedding is close to perfection.

Dance Your Stress and Worries Away

Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest nights in a night club in Mercedes, Texas and other areas. This is when you can destress after a week-long routine. Weekends are best spent while having fun. One good way to do that is to dance in a club.

Why Do People like Listening to Loud Music?

People who love spending their time in a night club in Mercedes, TX also love listening to loud music there. But, have you ever wondered why people enjoy listening to loud music?

Compelling Benefits of Listening to Live Bands

Listening to a live band is not only about letting your hair down after a long week at work. It’s one thing to hear good songs from the radio or an album compilation, but being surrounded by people who love to hear new tunes and jam to them is a whole other level.

For the Ladies: Popping Your Night Club Cherry

You’re finally 21, and you have decided to celebrate your coming of age with your closest girlfriends at our night club in Mercedes, Texas. Since it is (hopefully) your first time at a nightclub, you probably have some questions about how this works.

Stress Release: The Power of Listening to Music

Music has a unique link to our emotions and can be an extremely effective stress-management tool. Listening to your favorite tunes can have a relaxing effect on your mind. What more if you hear great jams from a live band?

What Not to Do Once Quarantine and Lockdown Ends

We love having people visit our night club in Mercedes, Texas, but there are more important things that need to be addressed right now. Aside from ensuring a fun night for you and your friends, Sammy’s Night Club is also concerned with your health and well-being.

Drinking Newbie? Know Your Nightclub Cocktails!

Are you a drinking newbie who just started exploring the world of nightclubs and bars? It’s always a great choice to sip on some drinks while listening to a chill live band. If you don’t enjoy the classic beer, you can choose to start with just rum and cokes or vodka cranberries.

What’s the Difference Between Bars and Nightclubs?

Are you in the mood to tour around some bars or nightclubs? Figure out which one you’d want to go depending on your mood. We at Sammy’s Night Club can give you both the experience of a nightclub and a sports bar in Texas.

The Kind of Drinks You Need to Try in Your 20’s

Whether you’re in the early or late 20s, you need to admit you’re in the experimenting stage. You hang out with friends, get on a night club in Mercedes, Texas if you’re located just in the country, and see what’s cool. Do you know what is? Trying new drinks your taste buds may have an adventure with. Here’s a list of them:

The Most Popular Music Genres of 2020

How do you listen to music? Do you stream them via Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Tidal, Sirius XM, Alexa, Pandora, or Apple Music? Also, what is your playlist like, by the way? If your day is incomplete without music, isn’t it better you know the genre of the songs in your playlist, too?

Why You Should Go Listen to Live Music Concerts - 1

It’s different from when you’re just sitting and listening to your Spotify playlist – meeting your favorite DJ, band, or artist is actually an exhilarating and seemingly life-changing experience! Even so for a live band that isn’t really your bet as it still brings you to the next level from just listening. Here are other reasons you should make live nightclub concerts part of your night:

Why You Should Go Listen to Live Music Concerts - 2

You don’t have to queue for hours or days just to enjoy live music; you may only just need to drive to a sports bar in Texas and see different kinds of concerts per night with your friends or significant other. Here are other reasons why you should:

How to Enjoy Yourself in a Sports Bar

If you feel like passing the time for the night alone, with your lover, or group of friends, one best place to go is a night club in Mercedes, Texas. Whether to involve yourself or just to spectate in games, you’re sure to have a night like no other.

Here are just some of the ways you can have fun in a sports bar in Texas:

Learn Some Bar Lingo

Ordering drinks in a bar can be so embarrassing especially when the people you’re with know just what they want, and you’re still there figuring out what the bartender is asking about. When you’re in a night club in Mercedes, Texas, remember that you can always ask questions. Forget about sounding dumb as answering questions without fully getting it may only just make you sound dumber.

Tips to Enjoy Your First Ever Clubbing Experience

A first-time experience is always nerve-wracking, especially if it’s something that involves socializing with people. So if you’ve decided to visit a night club in Mercedes, Texas for the first time, it’s natural if you feel a bit nervous.

But don’t worry, here are some tips that will surely help you enjoy that experience.

Things You Shouldn't Forget to Bring Before Clubbing

Have you ever had the experience of going to an event and then forgot something or wished you’ve brought a particular item? You’re not alone. For many, their nights have been ruined because of this simple mishap. This is especially true for first-time club goers.

So if you’re planning to hit your first or second night club in Mercedes, Texas, here are some things you shouldn’t forget to bring.