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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 02, 2019
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5 Best Things to Do in Chiang Mai - Another Side to Thailand!

Chiang Mai is a dream travel destination for many. It has a wealth of things to check out, from magnificent temples, exquisite cuisines, rich culture and an opportunity to travel without leaving your wallet dry! Here's is a list of things you must check out!


Foot Massages by Prison Inmates

Sounds quite odd, doesn't it? Did you just re-read that to make sure you didn't misunderstand it? Well then, to your surprise, you can get massages from prison inmates. Wondering how? The Women's Correctional Institution of Chinas Mai has set up a rehabilitation program, one that involves messages, to help inmates get integrated into society easily. And you can get a good foot massage at this place. Wouldn't that be an interesting tale to tell people back home?


Thai Cooking Classes

If you have a curious mind, just tasting the delicious Thai dishes wouldn't fully satisfy you. You would want to know the art and makings of these incredible dishes, yes? If that's the case, Thai cooking classes are a must for you! Where else can you learn how to make these delicious dishes? These classes are governed by popular chefs in town. So, you'll be in great hands and you'll have the skill set necessary to whip up a good authentic Thai dish in no time.


Riding in Tuk Tuks

Yes, riding tuk-tuks have to be not this list. It's not like, you can get on a tuk-tuk and wind your way through traffic like a pro, anywhere in the world, right? In Chiang Mai, the popular transports are the tuk-tuks and it's really cheap too! Open-aired three-wheeler drives that can take you through the narrowest of alleys? Who would say no to that? Besides, you also need to book accommodation that is located close to popular tourist attractions around so that you can easily get to and from places via tuk-tuks. For instance, you can check out hotels in Chiang Mai, the likes of Anantara Chiang Mai Resort.


Chatting with Monks

We know that monks have a wealth of wisdom to share. A quick look into Jay Shetty's Instagram page will let you know how to live a good stress-free lifestyle. Yes, it is common to admire the magnificent temples in these parts of the world. But did you know some temples have a place called "Monk Chat" where you can talk to monks? Visitors have the chance to discuss their personal lives and how to deal with it! A healing therapy awaits this holiday, for you!


Snacking on Insects

We are quite aware, that in Asia, certain food items are consumed, that can boggle the mind. How are these edible in the first place? Well, without having a bite of it, you will never know, right? All kinds of insects are served including meal worms, beetles, crickets and other bugs. The insects are known to be very nutritious and also taste crispy and crunchy. So, this holiday season in Chiang Mai, dare yourself to try one of these insects, to truly decide for yourself, if the hype is worth it!