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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 30, 2019
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8 Most Unusual Sights in Bangkok – The Quirky Side of Bangkok You Should Definitely See

Don't miss out on the capital's quirks in Bangkok. In between the shopping and dining, keep your eyes peeled for the following, for brag-worthy stories to take home!



This 1980s built, 20-storey building is the headquarters of the United Overseas Bank. The design of the building was inspired by a toy robot, but much of the building's exterior elements have practical and functional purposes, a closer look and you'll see oversized bolts that serve as a sunshade for the building.


Forensic Museum

Of all the things to do in Bangkok, this museum isn't for the faint of heart - located inside the Siriraj Hospital, the six distinct museums are split among two buildings, each housing some pretty interesting and gory finds. If you're looking for the most frightful ones, the Ellis Pathological Museum, Songkran Niyomse Forensic Medicine Museum, and Congdon Anatomical Museum won't disappoint.


Bangkok's Ghost Tower

Thailand has much to offer in the form of the most bizarre sights that will stop you in your tracks. Abandoned in the late 90s during an economic crisis, the 50-storey Sathorn Unique has experienced several dark and spooky incidents, including a suicide.


The Elephant Tower

The Elephant Tower is among Bangkok's most unique landmarks. The towers pay homage to Thailand's national animal, clearly visible on one side of the building.


Mr Kukrit's House

The 200-year-old home of "the grand old man", Thailand's former prime minister MR Kukrit Pramoj, is a historical landmark and located in close proximity to some great hotels, like Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel, for example. Featuring an exquisite and dense garden filled with exotic flowers, the villa's design is indoor/outdoor living, characteristic of old Thai architecture, and if filled with beautiful antiques and modern art.


Three-Headed Elephant Museum

Weighing in at 250-tonnes and spanning 29 metres in height and 39 in length, the gigantic 3-headed copper Erawan Museum is found in Samut Prakan, just outside of Bangkok. The museum is filled with rare antiques, religious iconography, and psychedelic décor, spread over three levels which are believed to portray hell, earth and heaven.


David Beckham Shrine

Of all the ornate shrines, found in the city, the temple Wat Pariwat presents the most unexpected homage – it's known to locals as the David Beckham Temple – it features an almost secret alter hidden away at the back of the temple, which carries a 30-cm-tall mural carving of the famous football player.


Condoms and Cabbages

Thailand's capital Bangkok has long held a reputation for being Asia's sin city and for paradise. So, it makes sense that Condoms and Cabbages rank high among Bangkok's most unique and best-loved restaurants. Condoms and Cabbages brings in humour to a fantastic dining experience, a concept to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning among Thais and to generate income support to vulnerable communities. Besides the amazing food, there's plenty of free condoms to go around, and hilarious quotes on how to stay safe. The cabbage isn't too bad either.