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Ultimate Guide for Development

This is the List containing latest news and tutorials of Programming, coding, technology and development...

Incorporating Chatbots in Customer Service: It Serves You Right!Technology is one such realm which keeps on changing ...

Technology is one such realm which keeps on changing overnight. Some people call it a passing fad while others a seismic shift, AI chatbots definitely falls into the latter category. Now there’s a lot of lingoes thrown around in regards to the term and, more often than not, unfortunately not much has been done about it. The post shows how these techs have become a prominent part of doing business that you no longer need to acknowledge it.

9 Best Type Foundries That Aren't Google Fonts

Looking for something other than Google Fonts for your website, app, or branding? There are 9 awesome type foundries you can try instead.

How To Design Profitable Sales Funnels On Mobile

Every website or PWA you build should automate as much prospecting and selling as possible. The only thing is that visitors enter websites with various mindsets, depending on which part of the buying stage they’re at. This means that you can’t just take every person who enters the site through the same path. You have to design a custom sales funnel (or pathway) for each kind of buyer. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Rolling With These Hot Mobile App UI Design Trends Of 2020

For all the mobile app developers out, you need to understand that mobile app design plays a very crucial role in the user’s decision-making process.

How to Protect Your Accounts with Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) prevents hackers from gaining access to your accounts even if they have your password. Here are the best practices for using 2FA.

13 Manufacturing Apps for Your iPhone, iPad, Android

Discover affordable manufacturing apps for Android and Apple devices that have been created to help manufacturers simplify and improve manufacturing efficiency.

Behind every business’s success, there is a strategy that keeps evolving. If you’ve been doing business for any amount of time, you would know that creative thinking, good quality products that are more likely to generate leads, etc. must be done to grab the attention of your potential audience. However, I’ve come across many headlines stating that businesses often fail when there’s no marketing plan or strategy. Even if you have the best product, you won’t be able to generate revenue if there’s no one to notice it!

How to Install PHP on Windows?

We’ve previously shown you how to get a working local installation of Apache on your Windows PC. In this article, we’ll show how to install PHP 5 as an Apache 2.2 module.

How Many Domains Are There? - Domain Name Stats for 2020

There are millions of websites floating around the Web, but if you’re wondering how many domains are there, Verisign is the go-to place for the latest domain name registration data. As the registry behind all .com and .net domains, Verisign releases a quarterly report with updated info on the current state of the internet.

How Online Marketing Offers Better ROI against Traditional Approaches?

As innovation turns into a fundamental piece of our everyday lives, we are progressively going to the computerized world for individual associations and data. Regular magazines are collapsing, and papers are getting to be online distributions.

New Diagnostic Architecture Overview

Diagnostics play a very important role in a programming language experience. It’s vital for developer productivity that the compiler can produce proper guidance in any situation, especially incomplete or invalid code.

5 Productivity Tools You Can't Be Without in 2020

Without proper planning, all the best and most enthusiastic ideas can come to a complete halt, or never even begin at all.

DevOps to DevSecOps: All about the Journey!

What do DevOps and DevSecOps have in common with each other and what are the relationships between these development tools?

The New Features of GSAP 3

Learn about all the exciting new features of GSAP 3 in this easy-to-follow overview.

QR codes aren't everyone's cup of tea but I quite like them. If I see something I want to remember or check out later, especially when on the road, it's super easy to take a quick picture -- it's much easier than trying to remember a URL and much faster than typing it in on a tiny keyboard.

How To Use Video Marketing For Boosting Your Customer Acquisition?

Do you own a business and want to increase your customer acquisition? Here's how you can use video marketing for improving your customer acquisition rate.

15 must-know JavaScript array methods in 2020

In JavaScript, an array is a special variable that is used to store different elements. It has some built-in properties and methods we can use to add, remove, iterate, or manipulate data following our needs. And knowing JavaScript array methods can…

String Interpolation in JavaScript

How to use template literals to perform string interplation in JavaScript (w/ examples and best practices).

Largest Data Breaches in History: Was It a Misconfiguration Problem

Check out the topmost dangerous data breaching events that occurred in the past all due to human error.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Market Share 2020: What the Latest Data Shows

AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure released their quarterly earnings reports around the same time over this past week, giving us an opportunity to look at the big picture. Let’s take a look at the latest evaluation of the market share.

How to Use Auto-Delete for Google Location History & Activity Data

It has been a long time coming, but Google has finally introduced a simple setting for automatic deletion of certain key categories of your activity data.

4 reasons why enterprises should opt for Hybrid Cloud in 2020

Are you feeling the pressure to change your current traditional data center infrastructure for not meeting today’s requirements?

Predictions 2020: Cloud Computing Sees New Alliances And New Security Concerns

In 2020, the cloud computing market will see interesting new alliances and new security concerns. Read Forrester's cloud predictions here.

Cloud Computing and the Enigma Surrounding Cloud Security

If you’re an avid consumer of technology news, you’ve surely of heard of terms like cloud computing and cloud security. Cloud Computing and the Enigma Surrounding Cloud Security.