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Peter Long Notary Public

Know the difference between a solicitor and a notary public?

A notary public is a solicitor that acquires additional qualification for becoming a notary public. All notaries are not solicitors, though it is not common.

What are the key steps towards proper notarization?

Here are a few important steps to perform for proper notarization of a document. The signers may ask you for help regarding their documents. Unless you are an attorney, you should always say NO. Otherwise, you might be disobeying the law.

Benefits of hiring notary public to notarize document

There are many benefits of hiring notary public like fraud prevention, ease of contract, availability etc. They work as an individual authorized to stamp important documents.

How to get your documents notarised in a less expensive way?

Usually, the solicitors become notary public after having further requisite qualification. However, there are a few exceptions like conveyancers and scrivener notaries. In general, notaries are solicitors.

Important facts about notary public

The role of a notary can vary from state to state and from one county to another. But at the core, the essentials are similar to the elements described in this article.

Petere Long Notary Public: Want To Choose The Best Notary Public? 4 Points To Consider

Almost every notary public offering their services in and around Surrey have their own area of specialisation.

Common myths for hiring notary in Kingston

This article focuses on providing necessary information on notary public in Kingston. Here you will find various myths on notary public before hiring them.

The Distinctive Features of US Court and British Court

You can find a few differences in legal systems, but both of the courts distinctively provide justice.

Know More About Notarized Documents Before Visiting A Notary Public

Since your knowledge about notarized documents has enhanced, it’s time you start looking for a reputed notary public in your county

Difference Between A Notary Public and a Solicitor

Solicitors and barristers are the dominant group of people practising law, and some fewer notaries are in practice. The leading role of a notary public is to authenticate and certify documents so that they can be used internationally.

Things to Look Out for When Getting Your Documents Notarized? -

Here are some necessary steps to you need to follow when you are going to notarized your documents.

Difference between US and UK notary public

This article focuses on providing necessary information about difference between US and UK notary public. This article might be helpful to get idea about notary public.

Necessary things to remember when you are planning to visit a notary

This article will help you to know the necessary things when you are planning to visit a notary. This information will must help you.

Role of a Notary Personnel, When Do You Need Notarization?

Notaries are one kind of a law officer, who is involved in notarizing all the documents legally. This article focuses on providing necessary information about the role of a notary personnel.