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05 Must Visit Waterfalls near Kandy - Top 05 Waterfalls in the Hill Capital

Often described as the waterfall capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy is home to countless breathtaking cascades. Here are five of the area's most popular waterfalls.


Hunas Waterfalls

Tipped to be one of Sri Lanka's most captivating cascades, Hunnas Waterfalls is a 40m high force of nature like no other. Located 22km away from the heart of Kandy, the frothy waters descend down from the summit of Hunnasgeria peak. The rainy season is the best time to visit this larger than life waterfall as it swells up to several more streams. As a popular honeymoon hub, Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy and countless other rests have propped up in the area. Those based in a resort in Kandy can schedule a tour of the falls via their accommodation provider.


Rathna Ella

Hiking enthusiasts heading to Kandy should not miss the chance to climb up to witness the 14th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Gushing forth from an impressive height of 111m, the Rathna Ella's name denotes its association with the beauty of precious gems. Occupying pride of place in the Hasalaka municipality in the district of Kandy, the fall serves as a primary water source to the village and its sprawling paddy fields. In fact, more than 300 farmers in the area owe their livelihood to the Rath Ella as small streams of the waterfall have been diverted to supply water to various paddy fields across the region.


St. Clair's Falls

As one of the country's best-known waterfalls, it is no surprise that St. Clair's Falls is also known as the "Little Niagara of Sri Lanka." An hour's drive away from Kandy, the falls are made up of six individual waterfalls that cascade over a series of rocky outcrops before collecting at a pool at the base. Divided into two falls, the top part is known as the Maha Ella and is a whopping 80m tall and has a width of 50m. The Kuda Ella is a smaller fall which is only 50m in height. A dam was constructed in the area in 2008 to generate hydroelectric power but the beauty of the falls is not in any way diminished as a result of it.


Baker's Falls

Another well-known waterfall in Sri Lanka, Baker's Falls is perhaps best known for the awe-inspiring views it affords when one reaches the location of the falls. Although this fall is a relatively small waterfall which is a mere 20m in height, the tranquil beauty of this cascade which was named after Samuel Baker is anything but underwhelming. Surrounded by fern and rhododendron foliage, the Baker's Falls is a hidden natural wonder that's two hours away from the heart of Kandy.


Galboda Ella

Occupying pride of place along the railway route that connects the capital of Colombo with Badulla, the Galboda Ella is also a waterfall that can be reached only by train. Located away from major roads and highways this scenic waterfall is best viewed during the monsoon seasons when the water levels create a wondrous spectacle. Visitors who wish to witness this remote wonder of nature should head to the Hatton Railway Station and hop on a train bound for the waterfall.

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