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Soho Nails facilitates popular styles of beauty like manicure, pedicure & waxing that will change the way you're doing makeup.

Is This Going To Be Your First Brazilian Waxing? Know These Things and Get Ease!

Self-grooming is a normal practice among women where they use the razors to get rid of those hairs. However, things change with time, and now it is more about waxing than the razor thin. Thanks to Brazilian waxing that let the women get rid of the repetitive razor sessions. However, confusion is growing around the grooming method.

Top 5 Benefits Associated with Brazilian Waxing

Hair removal is among the growing beauty trends all around the world. The look and feel of hair-free body parts fascinate both men and women. Brazilian waxing is the process of removing pubic hair, back, and front for a neat and tidy finish. It leaves a person completely hair-free from belly to behind. Some women prefer having a landing strip for a more enhanced look. The craze of Brazilian waxing is soaring high because of a plethora of benefits.

What is better for removing body hair, waxing or hair removal cream?

Luckily, for those tired of reaching for the razor so often — and those interested in minimizing the risk of those annoying ingrown hairs — there are other ways to keep hair away. At Soho Waxing, there’s something to meet each person’s level of comfort. But, each method isn’t meant for all skin and hair types.

Avoid These Five Manicure Mistakes for Excellent Nail Care

Manicures provide the best nail therapy to an individual when performed by a professional. Sometimes an individual also tries to get these done at less price, but it can also backfire. However, there are some things one needs to keep in mind while getting the nails done at a salon. With that said, the professionals at Nails Soho NYC have a list of manicure mistakes, which you should avoid at all costs.

Basic Manicure Services- What Should Include in Your Next Manicure Package?

Salon’s offering basic manicure services take good care of nails and hands. These services include everything from beautifying hands to shaping nails. To improve the texture and health of your hands, a manicure is the best of all techniques.

Tips to Have a Great Pedicure Session at a Salon

When it comes to summer, then there is just no excuse to ignore them, as they put up with a lot of dirt and dust, not to forget the socks and hard boots. With that said, it is not rocket science to give those nails a clean look.

Do French Pedicure Yourself – Here Is How!

A French pedicure is one of the types; it is always in trend as it makes your feet look beautiful and clean. Before opting for any pedicure treatment, you should always enquire about French pedicure prices in the USA. However, let’s see how you can do French pedicure at home.

Basic Manicure Services that Millennials Love to the Core

Well, there comes a myriad of options when it comes to hands makeover. Every salon offers different services as a part of the pamper session, according to your beauty choices. There are some spectacular manicure services for special occasions, and then there come the basic manicure services for a regular beauty treatment.

What to Look For When Visiting a Nail Salon

For the uninitiated, a great pedicure can provide not only relaxation to mind and body but also prepare them for the week ahead. With that said, one also needs to keep in mind that the person looking to get a pedicure should always choose a beauty and nail salon that has hygiene as its top priority.

What Is After-Wax Care Regime? Ease Those Wax Bumps!

Bumps after waxing are normal since the hair is forcefully removed. The skin around can get inflamed, and seems bumpy. In most cases, the condition normalizes, but even then, the area remains sensitive for a few days at least. During the healing process, consider an after-wax care regime as Soho Waxing parlor recommends.

Does eyebrow threading hurt?

Well, it depends, as everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Every time it hurts less than previously, so if this is your first time, you may feel that twisting and pulling out of hair follicle a bit intensely than your second time. Someone who is used to waxing different parts and have an idea about eyebrow threading won’t feel much of it. Also, no matter how many times you have gone for threading, the sensation of pulling your hair always feels.

The 5 Foot Massage Techniques Every Professional Massager Must Know

With a hectic lifestyle and busy schedules, at times, we all feel a bit of discomfort in the legs, whether it is a pain or swollen feet. Here is when having a foot massage from a professional foot massager can work wonders for the person’s health. There are many different techniques, which a lot of foot massage service professionals utilize. However, today we will talk about the five primary foot massage techniques, which the Soho NYC Massage says every professional foot massage should know.

Have Spa Pedicures At Nail Salons Become Safer?

The salon trains them to perform give the ultimate spa pedicure without taking up too much time. The work includes cleaning, shaping, and nail polishing. Without a doubt, the spa pedicures at nail salons are safer these days as compared to the earliest times.

Guide to Buying the Best Gel Polish Remover – Tricky Made Easy!

No, you can’t choose that wrong beauty product– especially when it comes to gel polish remover. It’s the simple silly mistake ladies do while buying the nail beauty products, leaving nails to a mess. You are already one step ahead in the game if you use gel nail polish. That’s right! These modern nail polishes last 4-5 times longer, remain chip-free, and are the smartest option to replace traditional nail polish. But, are you using the best gel polish remover while changing nail polish? No! Right? Don’t do that, because you might end up losing the natural shine, soon.