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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 25, 2019
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7 Best Balinese Food - The Much-Awaited list of Delicious Indonesian Food!

The unique flavours of Indonesian cuisine have made everyone fall in love with it. If you are planning on a Balinese holiday this vacation, know that Bali too has an incredible array of local food you can try! Here's the much-awaited list!



You know the list is going to be quite epic, if it starts with some good skewered meat, yes? How else will you enjoy your drinks and evenings, without some juicy meat to munch on? The marinate of the meat is done to perfection, and you can tell, with just a bite!


Nasi ayam and the nasi campur

Well, no one can deny a good aromatic bowl of chicken rice, right? It might sound simple, but there is nothing like it. The flavours will tantalise your taste buds, and Bali has its own version of chicken rice, that has been raved on and on among tourists. It really is a must-try dish, without a question! Besides, when booking for accommodation, make sure you choose a Uluwatu hotel that is known to serve good local food. You can check out properties like Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, for instance.


Babi guling

This one's right on the money and is a favourite among the tourists and also the locals. It satisfies any taste bud! The dish is basally a spit-roast pig that is stuffed in vegetables and rich spices! The slow-rolling over the coal fire while it's being prepared seals in all the flavours.


Tahu and tempeh

This is quite an interesting dish and is served as a savoury snack or as a main course meal! The dish is prepared with soy beach curds which are fried, then stuffed in and battered. Most of the local cuisine, like the rice dish, use temp crackers in its preparation. When served as a snack, some of the best versions are usually the fried ones, where the fillings quite taste like the ones used in spring rolls.


Jimbaran seafood

When visiting a beach destination like Bali, you must devour on all the seafood items. When all, it means, the ones you are not allergic to! The best place in Bali to try out seafood dishes is in Jimbaran Bay. They specialise in serving fresh seafood that is grilled, fried and what not!


Pepes and tum

Expect all kinds of flavours that you aren't familiar with, with these dishes. This is a type of Indonesian/ Sudanese cooking technique that incorporates banana leaves as a food wrap. Thin sticks of bamboo will seal the leaves on the ends, and the small package of food smells absolutely delicious! The package of food is then steamed, grilled or boiled until it's cooked to perfection!


Traditional desserts and cakes

Nope, the list hasn't forgotten the ones with a sweet tooth. The traditional cakes here are collectively termed as jajanan pasar and you can grab them in any of the local stalls! Popular desserts, on the other hand, include the tickle rice cake, rice flour and coconut milk cake, steamed bananas, and coconut- covered rice cakes.