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07 Amazing Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi – Why You Should be Visiting Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is an Arabic country that is underrated as it has so many different attractions varying from food, history, culture and animals that you get to witness while on vacation in Abu Dhabi.


Stunning desert

If you miss out experiencing a desert in Abu Dhabi you haven't experienced Abu Dhabi to the fullest as the deserts make up about 75% of the excitement in Abu Dhabi.


Record-breaking attractions

Going sightseeing to witness the grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a must-do activity in Abu Dhabi as it is the largest and the most extravagant mosque in the UAE. The architectural marvels such as the zoos, cultural villages, souks and markets are some of the few amazing locations to add to your sightseeing list in Abu Dhabi.


Rich culture

Arabs are proud of their descent and their traditions and cultural practices. Humble in their hearts they are happy to welcome foreigners into their country to allow you to enjoy the country that their ancestors have brought to what it is today. Even though they are extremely developed the country does not neglect their age-old traditions and practices.


Luxurious hotels

Home to some of the finest luxury hotels, Abu Dhabi is known to be one of the most expensive countries to travel to. Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi Hotel and most of the other luxurious hotels are known to have exceptional service, lodging and dining that it is a truly extravagant experience to be able to spend time at these hotels. The luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi are 8 stars and seven-star hotels but even the 5 Star Hotels in Abu Dhabi are considered to be absolutely glamorous and lavish.


Beautiful skyline

With some of the most amazing buildings that can be seen in the world, the skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi is renowned to create one of the most stunning skylines not only in the Middle East but also in the world. There are so many different aspects that make this skyline exceptional and beautiful. Some of the most stunning and developed architectural wonders of the world make this skyline one of the most important ones in the world. At night the buildings get illuminated which makes up for a stunning view you will never forget.


Delightful food

If you are a foodie you are bound to love your vacation in Abu Dhabi. There are so many different types of food that you can try you will be overwhelmed by the choices. Varieties of food such as stuffed camel, stuffed goat, hummus, rice and different types of bread and meat are a great way to learn more about the culture and traditions.


Glistening beaches

If you love the beach you should definitely visit Abu Dhabi. The stunning turquoise blue waters with the pristine beaches are extremely attractive and make for perfect locations for days out in the sun. Unlike the tropical beaches the water is almost like a bluish silver which merges into the horizon with no sudden skyline.