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Animals that You Will Be Able to See in Sir Bani Yas Island

A view into the exotic wildlife of a hidden islet. Deriving its origins from the initial settlers of Abu Dhabi, the Bani Yas Tribe, the island of Sir Bani Yas is a hidden paradise located southwest of Abu Dhabi. It's the largest natural island in the United Arab Emirates conserving many endangered species of animals and offering its visitors a unique holiday experience combining comfort and relaxation harmonising it with a touch of nature. Here's a list of animals that you might get a chance to encounter during a visit to the island.


The Arabian Oryx

There are around 30 species of mammals at the Sir Bani Yas wildlife park and around 400 Arabian Oryx's which is the largest herd of these endangered species. Its long ringed horns, luminous white coat and black stripes that meet between its neck, forehead and nose are some of the distinct features. Hailing from its native Arabian peninsula, the Oryx is the national animal of many Arabic countries.


Sand Gazelles and Mountain Gazelles

The species fo Sand Gazelles are native to the Syrian and Arabi Deserts. These species are survived in small isolated numbers. The same applies to the Mountain Gazelles which are largely seen in West Bank, Israel but are being conserved in other parts of Arab. You might be able to spot them on a sightseeing in Abu Dhabi.


Arabian Tahr

A native species of East Arabia, the Arabian Tahr is the smallest of its species. It has a stock build with horns that arch backwards and coats that are long and reddish-brown. You can spot the male Tahrs with the striking manes that they possess. These species are critically endangered and are conserved in few places such as the Bani Yas.


Striped Hyena

Keeping up with the animated depictions of the Hyena's, the Striped Hyena's are known to feign death when attacked by a predator but standing up to them when it comes to food fights. The species are also central to Arabian and Asian folklore. The striped hyenas are monogamous, non-territorial and nocturnal animals making it challenging to be spotted yet interesting to be observed.


Sudanese Cheetah

The Sudanese cheetahs were introduced to the Bani Yas island as a rewilding project in Arabia. These majestic animals are known to have originated from Northeast Africa. They have tawny spotted coats and thick fur and is a splendid animal to gaze upon.


Somali Ostrich

This distinct species originated from the Horn of Africa but is part of conservation projects as it's considered on the endangered list. Very similar to the common ostrich in its features, the Somali Ostrich is also part of Bani Yas.



The Sir Bani Yas wildlife park houses around 13,000 endangered species belonging to the Arabian Penisula. The park is open to tourists and hosts many activities based in the natural settings of the sanctuary. Some of the other species at the island are deer, reticulated giraffes and dolphins. And some of the most critically endangered animals such as the sea turtles, sand gazelles, Urial sheep, Barbary sheep, and Arabian tahr and oryx freely roam the sanctuary. You can observe these animals in their natural setting by booking yourself in the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara for a comfortable and adventurous stay.