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There’s no doubt that the digital world has played an essential role in making our lives productive and easier with simple moves. Yes, with technology changing a lot of our daily lives, now hailing a taxi has become a lot easier than one could think.

Top 5 CMS Platforms for Ecommerce Websites

CMS short for content management system is a software that allows you to update, edit, manage or build your CMS platform all by yourself. You don’t need an individual technical resource to manage your CMS platform. You are enough for the task. But which CMS platforms are the best for your eCommerce sites. With the availability of the hundreds of CMS platforms, it becomes quite a difficult task to choose the one which best suits your eCommerce needs. Although it’s recommended to pick the one that best fits your eCommerce store, all of the platforms have their pros and cons.

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Top 5 Benefits of Building Your Own Custom Taxi Software instead of Buying a Standard Product

The taxi business is booming and the industry has got many entrepreneurs interested in it. So, if you are among the ones interested in the taxi business then stick till the end and you will surely have some useful tips in hand.

Top Software Development Company in London, UK, USA, India

top leading Software Development Company that focuses on a highly-skilled, on-timely delivered and affordable IT outsourcing services.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a WordPress Website

WordPress is filled with free templates and plugins available to everyone. You can, therefore, build a website quickly, with no or little coding knowledge. With all that in mind, how much does it cost to build a WordPress website? Well, it entirely depends on your needs and choices. The type of site is also crucial in determining the cost.

Strategies to Grow Your Ecommerce Business to the Next Level

The growth of eCommerce is not going to slow down; thanks to smartphones pushing people to buy more and more goods online.

According to the global trends, the eCommerce sales registered at 10.5% in 2016, 12.3% in 2017 and 14.4% in 2018. Online revenues are rising each year, and it is likely to rise by 5% by the end of 2019 as per prognostications.

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Unveil Key Features of React JS for Web & Mobile App Development

React JS is the buzzword among many developers nowadays. When Facebook was released back in 2011, numerous technologies were already ruling the development market such as Angular and Node. However, these frameworks required coders to rewrite a significant portion of their code when any of the components needed changing or modification.

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Which is the best Technology To Choose for Mobile App Development In 2020?

As the year 2019 comes to an end, we see a paradigm shift in the minds of people when it comes to executing smart and breakthrough business strategies. The truth is already out in the open: Most of the organizations today are looking to switch from desktop websites to mobile apps to ensure that they reach the diverse target audience who are now using mobile devices.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Instagram

Instagram is among the most used mobile apps with over a billion monthly users. This app is enriched with features and boasts an attractive and user-friendly design that makes it stand out from other photo-sharing apps. Within a decade, this app has managed to outperform all the other social media platforms. From allowing users to share their videos and pictures with their followers to let them track how well a particular post performed, there are plenty of ways in which Instagram offers the ultimate experience to all its users. A lot of companies wish to develop a mobile app similar to Instagram to promote their brand’s name.


How to Secure a Website and Protect It from Hackers

There is one thing that all websites owners dread Hackers that is because website owners are responsible for the security of customer data and must always implement adequate measures to guard it. However, that is easier said than done, and for all you know, your website could be vulnerable to a cyber-attack right now. However, all is not lost, and you can still protect your website, but you need to act fast. Below listed are some time-tested tips that can help you secure your website and protect it from hackers.

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How to Create an Advance Web App using WordPress and React

WordPress Rest API is a big step forward for frontend developers looking to combine JavaScript tools like React.js with WordPress.

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These days it pays to design before you reach in the profound end, with Teens to Grandmas and every other person in between creating and marketing their very own services and products it is demonstrated that there are approaches to make an effective organization with a decent business plan behind you. One of the organizations that have made independent moguls, for example, Crooks and Castles, LRG, Affliction, and so forth… is the clothing business.

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There are around 14,00,000+ e-commerce websites that are built on WordPress and out of them, more than 50% are fashion stores because fashion is roughly the most sold online.

So there is a high requirement as a large user base of plugins for fashion stores which in any way helps the store owners to maintain their sales higher.


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The first online shopping transaction took over the internet was in some year around 1994 and was probably by the amazon. From 1994 to 2020, everything’s changed. The world of e-commerce has expanded to such an extent that every 30 seconds, more than 0.6 million $ worth of sales are made online worldwide.

Out of all the sales, fashion is the most sold item online while the tourism industry stands on second. Other than that, books, second-hand sales, educational courses, and tech products are things that are mostly sold online.

Now if we dive deep into this then the products that are most sold online are the ones that have little customizations or one which has a Choice Factor involved.

For example, the Fashion category is absolutely choice based while the tech category is not based on choice but it is based on need. I hope you got it.

Thus, custom products are a sub-type of every product that has generated great sales ever.

One more thing that can be included in this custom kind of thing but has never been given required attention by the e-commerce business owners is Jewelry.

Selling Jewelry online is a trend that I’ve caught. It is on the rise and I can say that because I’ve noticed the insights.

Jewelry has always been the untapped market when we talk about its online sales. Because until now, people have been custom designing jewelry from the stores and not online.

People like to buy and wear things that are custom made for themselves and that’s why the sales of such things have been high all time and now jewelry can also be lumped into it.

Now that we’ve caught the trend we must do something about it to take it to the level that this category deserves. As the saying goes…

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Well, why not? Everyone must be wondering to know the hidden secrets behind the most popular app of the year. To make a correct guess, let us just take a drive to some of the easy hints to make a right-click.

“Name an app that gives a second of a chance to act”, is it TIKTOK?

YES, with the accurate guess, you must be curious to know everything behind the functioning of the given app.

To begin with the huge popularity, TikTok has somehow managed to create the hype among the viewers and also has managed to give birth to a unique career for youth. Indeed, it is quite true. This type of app has given rise to the talents, who are born with a trait of entertainment.

It is usual information, which everyone must be aware of but every user knows about the app that it has actually been originated from a Chinese music video platform. With the bagged source of this information, you must be surprised to know because it has given rise to talents born in neighbor countries of China.

However, it can be biased to call the South Asian countries, the only place where you can find maximum TikTok users. Instead, there are other countries that are equally involved such as Ireland or counties of the UK and many more. It is an app. which is worldwide famous and has collected a massive profit only because of its ONE DOWNLOAD.


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A computer-aided software program AutoCAD from Autodesk enables engineers, drafters, architects, designers, animators, and other experienced professionals to create 2D/3D models.
AutoCAD software prevents product failures because users with its innovative ideas, imagination, and creative designs are able to create realistic presentations. The AutoCAD software architecture provides the necessary tools that help in creating design workflows and great product

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Laravel is an awesome web application framework which regularly tops the lists of top PHP frameworks available today. Because It’s based on PHP which runs 85% of the web today and the learning curve is relatively small we can say it’s advanced features, also understand the concept. However, the real reason for its popularity is its robust ecosystem and high-quality learning resources available.


Choosing the Best Front-end Web Development Tool: AngularJS Vs ReactJS

Developing a web application, you need to take care of a bundle of things. From the technology to the tool, the interface to the database, the features and finesse, each aspect needs to be dealt with utmost care.

To start with, the first thing that you would need to be mindful of is the front-end web development tool. No doubt, there are plenty of choices available and going with one is more or less like a double-edged sword. What’s best in one might not be perfect in the other. Therefore, making a choice is a tough task.

In case you have been planning to develop the front end of your application, you might have encountered the two most popular and widely used JavaScript web development frameworks, Angular JS and React JS. Here, again differentiating the two and coming up with the best framework for web development is a daunting process. But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

This article has been designed to educate you on the individual frameworks, draft comparison and then help you make the choice.

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How to Develop an Online Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats or Swiggy?

Today, in this fast-paced life where everyone is busy dealing with their day-to-day challenges, food deliveries are giving great relaxation to the large section of people. Food delivery services have become an everyday necessity and a thriving industry with online food delivery applications like UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato, DoodDash, Grubhub. Not only these apps are allowing restaurants to feed foodies their choice of freshly made food at their preferred time, but also leading the food market.

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Web Design Agency UK | Top Website Designers in UK

We are one of the UK based leading established and successful web design companies in the UK. Our mission is to create an awesome website solution for you and help you achieve online business success. Worked with thousands of small, medium and enterprise-level businesses, from all sectors of different industry, you really are in the safest of hands!

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Try These Brand New Stunning Ecommerce Templates for Your Website

Choosing the best template builder for your website is not an easy task. The reason being that there are thousands of templates, and you just have to pick one of them. Choosing what is suitable for your business goals is difficult. Those who are in the creatives would go for a template that is stunningly beautiful to emphasize their visual work.

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How Much It Will Cost for a Mobile App Development to Outrank Uber?

A Taxi app development could be the right call for any existing business or start-ups. Even enterprises can, try to make their make in this area of industry. According to a statistic report, the annual growth of the global ride-hailing service market will reach about $126,521 million by 2025. Now it is transparent that there would be a lot of profit coming your way if you choose to start a taxi application.

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10 Highly Recommended Illustrator Tools For Every Web Designer

A web designer is someone who creates the content necessary for the constructed website. The designer is an IT professional whose role is to design visual appearances and layouts to add a smooth appeal to the website’s usability.

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10 Ways to Make Money Online - Blog

As the cost of living goes up, so does the need to have extra income. Getting a second “job” isn’t always an option, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other opportunities you can take advantage of, often right from the comfort of your own home.

The internet is a goldmine if you know how to take advantage of it. This guide will give you a closer look at ten legitimate ways you can make money online starting today.

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Top 5 Most important characteristics of food Delivery Apps Like UberEats

On-demand food delivery application advancement is making buzz after services of Uber Eats. Mobile applications are a basic piece of our lives, we can use applications while business, traveling, entertainment, and ordering food. There was a time when individuals need to go outstation to eat something tasteful, however now they can do likewise on fingertips.

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How would you create your own Real-Time Chat app such as WhatsApp?

Chat applications have changed the manner in which we speak with our family and friends. Services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber gave mobile operators a run for their money and turned out to be more prominent than social media. It’s just characteristic that individuals attempt to imitate their prosperity.

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