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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 25, 2019
Headline for Discovering Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China- For better health and wellbeing!
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Discovering Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China- For better health and wellbeing!

Traditional Chinese medicine is famous all around the world where you'll find these practices in most cities. But what's more authentic than in Beijing, China itself? Here's a guide to the traditional Chinese medicine practised in this country.


Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese medicine referred to as TCM from now on, use substances like roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and so on. Chinese herbs have incredible medicinal properties that help in healing. These practitioners use Chinese herbs for treatment where they are infused and dispensed into traditional tea, liquid extract, powder, granules and capsule. These effective remedies are becoming popular in the medical world today. When you visit China, you have to explore traditional medicine. Cities like Beijing have incredible clinics that you can visit for your ailment.



We have all heard of acupuncture and most of us know that it is a medicine that is practised by inserting the needles into muscles, subcutaneous tissue or superficial skin. TCM has about 2000 acupuncture points in the human body that can be used to treat a person. The capital of China, Beijing, has incredible clinics that specialise in TCM. If you are looking for accommodation that is located close to these places, you can check out a service apartment in Beijing, the likes of Ascott Riverside Garden Beijing, which is centrally located.



This is not a very commonly heard TCM. If you're wondering what it is, well then, you ought to know that this is a therapy which involves burning the moxa which is a mugwort root that is made out of a spongy herb called the Artimesia vulgaris which facilitates all kinds of healing and repairing. Burning these moxa will produce smoke with a pungent odour which is often confused with cannabis. The sole purpose of this type of therapy is to invigorate and warm the blood in order to stimulate the Qi flow, strengthen kidney, disperse cold, expel wind, dissolve any stagnation and so on. This is also known to be a great treatment for menstrual cramps.


Tui Na Massage

This bodywork massage therapy of Asia is performed by a tui na professional practitioner and it can be very rigorous sometimes. Practitioners usually incorporate ointment, heat and herbal compresses in order to enhance its effects. This is best to treat any musculoskeletal condition and chronic pain. If you suffer from any conditions mentioned before, it might be time to look into tui na massage therapy then you visit China.



Have you seen huge circular bruises on sports peoples' backs when competing? Well, this is because they have undergone a cupping therapy which is an ancient Chinese type of massage that consists of placing plastic or glass cups on your body. Practitioners sterilise and warm these cups before use and placed it in your back or other areas which will create a vacuum which will make the cup stick to the surface of your skin. And all the toxins in your body will be drawn out to the surface!