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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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List of World Heritage Sites in China - For the history buffs!

China, a country that boasts of fascinating history and beautiful culture, has many World Heritage Sites you can explore. Here's a list of the top ones you cannot miss out on!


The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China needs no introduction and the vast stretch of wall is known all around the world. The Wall stretches and winds its way through 21,000 km across the country. This means there is plenty of 'wall' for you to explore! And when in China, you cannot miss out on the Great Wall. Your trip here will be completely incomplete if you do not visit!


China Danxia

Right outside the populated cities is a landscape that can startle anyone, and this is the China Danxia. This geological masterpiece is a landscape marked by red sandstone rock formations! These strange shapes are also home to ravines, verdant-forest, and plunging waterfalls! When trying to cover the World Heritage site in this country, this is a must-visit place. As most of these sites are located all across the country you have to carefully plan your trip out. Book accommodation cleverly and conveniently. If you are arriving from the Hong Kong International airport, you can book your family's stay at a 2-bedroom apartment in Shenzhen, the likes of, Somerset Grandview Shenzhen, before you venture on a day trip to Danxia the next day.


Fujian Tulou

This place is located in Fujian province and was established almost five centuries ago! The multi-storey buildings are constructed in a circular fashion surrounded by tall walls which were used as a defensive structure. Therefore, architecture during this period was created for a social and defensive purpose and villages were built in this fashion back in the days. You can marvel at the clever architecture and step back in time to experience another lifetime!


Forbidden city

Everyone's heard about the forbidden city and it is a place that is referred to in many movies and media. Imperial China always did things on a large scale, and this Forbidden city bears witness to that. The palace complex is home to about a thousand buildings, and you could live and spend your entire life here and not see all of it. The Forbidden City was established back in the 15th century when Beijing was made the capital of China. This is one of the most important World Heritage Sites in the country and you cannot miss out on it for the world.


Hongcun Village

This is another hidden treasure of this country and it baffles people why it isn't as big as it should be on social media platforms. The well preserved and graceful village is picture perfect where the village is built surrounded by two pools and the canal system runs right through the town. The place is so serene and peaceful, you wouldn't want to go home after coming here. As traditional villages are quickly disappearing from China's map, you must give some attention to these picturesque places!