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Updated by 7vn Brand on Jan 19, 2020
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All In One Dugout

Best Odor Proof One Hitter Dugout

Smell Proof Dugout

Looking for a premium and odor proof one hitter dugout case? Find your one hitter dugout at 7vn. Shop online NOW. FREE Shipping on all US orders.

One Hitter Metal Dugout

The Stashcase by 7vn is the premium all in one odor-proof metal dugout that holds your tobacco, one-hitter, and your lighter. Shop NOW. FREE Shipping!

Ceramic One Hitter

Ceramic One Hitter Bat by 7vn is a ceramic and cigarette-style one-hitter pipe that fits perfectly in the 7vn Stashcase. Shop NOW! Free Shipping.

Getting Rid Of Weed Smell

Find out the best ways to get rid of that dank smell of weed inside the house, apartment, car, toilet, bathroom or preferred smoking space.

Titanium One Hitter

The Titanium One hitter Bat from 7vn is crafted from pure titanium. Perfect for multiple hits and it's safe to smoke out of. Shop NOW. FREE Shipping.

All In One Dugout Reviews

Explore all of the reviews for the 7vn Stashcase (smell-proof metal dugout) and One Hitters directly from our happy customers. Want to be next?

Why Choose The Stashcase (Metal Dugout) Over a Wooden Dugout

Understand the benefits of the Stashcase (metal dugout) over a wooden dugout and how it helps to achieve the desired smoking experience you deserve.

Smell Proof Container Box Bundle Kit

✅ SMALL & PORTABLE - Other stash boxes in the marketplace are big and bulky. Although they might be secured with a lock, it's not easy to carry when you're out on your daily commute, out on the town, at the beach, or on the golf course. The smell proof container box bundle kit by 7vn is very lightweight sturdy and weighty. Perfect for your pocket, luggage, bag, or backpack. Take this pocket-sized container box wherever you go, perfect for any occasion.

Smell Proof Dugout

The Stashcase - Best All in One Smell Proof Metal Dugout For Your One Hitter (Gloss Black). The everyday carry designed to keep your herbs, lighter and taster with you wherever you might go.