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Headline for 7 day Zanzibar beach holiday - Fall in love with all that Zanzibar has to offer
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7 day Zanzibar beach holiday - Fall in love with all that Zanzibar has to offer

A great treasure found in East Africa, Zanzibar is an island that surely must be explored. Offering you quite a list of attractions that range from the natural to the man-made, there are lots for you to see here.


The Jozani Forest

This is one of Zanzibar's most prized natural attractions. The Jozani Forest is the last sanctuary in the world to house the precious Red Colobus Monkey. If you are a nature lover of any sort this place will feel like hitting a jackpot. The forest is located on the eastern side of the island which also happens to be one of the most beautiful places here. There are lots of nature trails in the forest, making it a great place to relax, rejuvenate and appreciate an unspoilt version of mother earth.


Seaweed Forest

Located in Paje the seaweed forest is yet another interesting place to visit when in the vicinity. It has a unique appeal that makes it attractive and well worth the visit. In the seaweed forest, you find a plethora of items all made using seaweed. The best part is the items found here are all crafted by the local women in that area. The entire visit offers a lot to learn from. There is even a big tour, where visitors can witness the farmers in action and conclude the trip with a cup full of this fruit juice.


House of Wonders

This is perhaps one of the biggest attractions in all of Zanzibar. Also known as the palace of wonders this is the tallest building in the Stone Town and thanks to its location it is a great attraction to explore as a whole. For history buffs, the house of wonders offers an excellent opportunity to learn a little about all the age-old stories behind the Stone Town along with the exhibits and many rooms found here. If you are keen on journeying back time a little in Zanzibar don't miss out on this insightful attraction.


The Village of Kizimkazi

If you want to witness Zanzibar in its most raw forms pay a visit to the traditional village of Kizimkazi. Try out the local food and walk the many narrow lanes; the ambience as a whole feels so close to home. Kizimkazi is also famous for one other thing; dolphin safaris. These fun safaris are one of the most popular things to do if you put up at [Zanzibar luxury resorts](\). If you are staying at The Residence Zanzibar the Village of Kizimkazi is about 15 minutes away.
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Paje Beach

This is a hotspot for backpackers visiting Zanzibar. It has a fun and laid back ambience this beach yet it is loaded with plenty of burger joints, cafes, kite surfing companies, bars, and even hostels. It's a very relaxing place to spend a couple of days at plus the sparkling turquoise water affords plenty of free activities to enjoy.

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