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The Instructor Development Course - PADI Courses

Our PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is fully conducted by Industry Leading Multiple Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod in the Gili Islands Indonesia and provides new Scuba Diving Instructors the necessary Knowledge, Skills and most of all confidence to succeed in the Recreational Diving Industry.

Scuba Diving – Should I Tip The Crew? – tripadvisor

Tipping etiquette is just one of these subjects which frequently trigger concern and even humiliation. A lot of us often find ourselves thinking, if I tip? Just how much is a fair amount to trick? That is further complicated overseas when we are maybe not as familiar with local traditions and expectations. Whilst I believe…

PADI Scuba Diving Internships – tripadvisor

Going Pro - What is it all about? Select up any diving magazine, or even surf the web for dive related sites, and pictures of the tropics and exotic spots, along with interactions of aquatic lifestyle frequently stimulates the fantasy of working full time for a scuba diving dive professional. There is few professions on…

Trip Advisor — General Scuba Diving Facts for Kids & Beginners

Scuba diving is a fun and enjoyable activity that everyone
can appreciate, even kids! If you’re a parent having a kid interested in scuba
diving, or you’re an adult interested in the action, continue reading to learn

Trip Advisor — Taking Dive Classes As Part of Your Vacation Plans

The excellent outdoors offers a little something for
everybody. Individuals who like spending some time at the sport, scuba diving
is a fantastic activity that may bring new appreciation into one’s environment.
Irrespective of whether you opt to get a scuba diving experience on your
holiday or if you would like to start regular dip trips on your area, the ideal
water training must be performed to make sure your safety and the protection of
the others in the household with you.

Scuba Diving: Does It Cost a Fortune

Scuba diving is an wonderful experience and several people dream about doing this all have the identical issue: how much does this cost? This query requires many elements to be considered. The scuba diving excursions themselves are not so costly and lots of tours have very affordable rates, but the

Tips for Scuba Diving Travel

Regardless of if this is the first scuba diving holiday or you've been on several, you want to see there is a certain quantity of preparation that goes into these excursions. Unlike a normal vacation in which you want to throw several changes of clothing into a bag and you're prepared to go, using a