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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 23, 2019
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6 Practical Things to Know about the Maldives - Your Next Holiday Destination!

Luxurious resorts built on private islands and pristine beaches with scenic blue waters is all that comes to the mind at the mention of this famous holiday destination. The notion that a Maldivian holiday can be expensive and suited to the needs of a few selected vacationers might be a bit overrated as you read through these practical tips.


Anyone can visit the Maldives

Though labelled as a go-to place for honeymooners and the wealthy, The Maldives has its doors open for families, backpackers and individuals looking out for a holiday to remember. There is a list of things that everyone can get themselves busy all day.


Stick to the local rules

Being a Muslim country, Alcohol is banned on all local islands. You can opt-in for a more sober holiday with the locals. Likewise, bikinis and other open clothes are restricted on a local island and you might want to dress conservatively when passing through villages to get around.

However, this rule does not apply for resorts. You can do whatever you want in those!


Accommodation can cost a few hundred NOT thousands

Well, accommodation can be a bit expensive on these splendid islands, but not at rates that you might have imagined or read through. A plush resort or a famous Maldives water villa might still be possible for a once in a lifetime experience. but, you can browse in for a luxury bungalow on a private Island at USD 250-300 a night and a villa at USD 450 a night. If you want something lower than these, you can still find accommodation for USD 50-100 at a local guesthouse in one of the islands. So keep searching for those deals!


Keeping your budget in control

The good news for all those on a budget is that there are ways to keep your budget in check whilst you enjoy the 'sunny side of life' in the Maldives. If luxury resorts or a water villa is a not a lifetime option for you, fret not! you can still visit them for a daily rate starting from USD 100 depending on the conditions. By doing so, you need not pay for accommodation but still get around and enjoy pool time, bars and breathtaking views with memories captured in.

Expect an additional cost of 22% added to the total bill on taxes and service charge on whatever you pay for. You need not leave tips since you are already paying a service charge. You need to carry change to local currency, the Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR) if you're staying on a local island but USD is standard for all resorts.

If you are already in Asia, the flights are a real deal to dig into as they can be very cheap from neighbouring Sri Lanka, Malaysia or Singapore. Look for deals and promos when flying from Europe or North America.

Travel in groups for shared accommodation and tours. And you can grab in some amazing deals during the off-season (April to September) as the prices drop 2 to 3 times lower. But this depends if the monsoon rains are not too obstructive.


What to carry on your holiday

Rest assured the Maldives is one of the easiest trips to pack for. Swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, flipflops, sunhat and a beach bag is more than enough to get you around with a couple of comfortable casual wear needed to cover up when needed. Make sure to add in your best camera (an underwater one is a definite ++), an adapter and snorkelling gear.
What you should not be carrying is your laptop, alcohol, plenty of cash (if stationed at a resort), plenty of clothes or formal wear, many shoes, Pork and by-products.


Changing tides of tourism

The Maldivian government opened its doors to independent tourism in 2009. At present, many private guesthouses, apartments and Airbnb's are operational and Maldives will not be known for its luxury tourism alone. However, a holiday at a deluxe resort or the comforts of a serene villa such as the Adaaran Prestige Water Villas is never too ambitious for a truly memorable Maldivian holiday.