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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 23, 2019
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Top 10 Things to Do in Manggis - For the Ultimate Beach Vacation!

If you seek a different experience in Bali, then Manggis is a place you need to consider this vacation. Here is a list of the best things you can do when in Manggis.


Blue Lagoon Beach

The Blue Lagoon beach is one of the popular tourist hotspots in Manggis. This is one of the quiet beaches of the area and serves as a good spot for sunbathing and swimming. You can lay all day long in these soft powdery sands, relaxing and enjoying a good local drink while catching up on your reading! Sounds good, doesn't it? This is also a family-friendly destination. If you are looking for family hotels in Bali, you can check out properties like Alila Manggis, for a start.


Putung Hill

Manggis, like most other regions in Bali, is not all about the beaches. For instance, Putting Hill is one of the highest places around and gives you a beautiful view of the surrounding. Besides, the weather here is a lot cooler than in other places on the island. The vegetation, mountains and the evergreen jungles, makes one wonder if they have stepped into the Amazon. Yes, these are some unexplored areas in Bali, that you shouldn't miss out on.


Bali Extreme Adventure

Here in Manggis, you can have your adrenaline pumping up to your ears. Who would have thought that is possible right? The Bali Extreme Adventure is located in Yehpoh Street, Manggis, Karangsem which offers the best kind of entertainment you probably thought was impossible here in Bali. The trip that the Bali Extreme Adventure takes you on is quite simple. You will be riding a four-wheel bike, or an ATV, and taking a course through winding pathways that reveal exotic sceneries.


Yeh Malet Lake

After that adventurous day, you might want to relax and rest. If that's the case, you have to visit Yeh Malet Lake in Manggis. It is easy to find and serves as a relaxing spot for most tourists.


Ujung Water Palace

The Ujung Water Palace is another popular tourist destination of Manggis. Tourists always rave about this place and that is a reason why you should not miss out on it. You can either undertake this tour alone, with family or friends. This park is situated in the Tumbu region, and it's very clean. This place is so popular that it has made it into many local TV shows and movies. The park is usually open by 8 AM and closes by 5 PM every single day. You will be asked to pay an entry fee of Rp 10,000 only.


Bias Tugel Beach

The last one on this list is another popular beach. The Bias Tugel Beach is also a serene and calm place boasting of beautiful scenic views of the beach. The natural views are absolutely breathtaking, and that is the reason why it has stepped into most traveller's itineraries. The beach also has an exotic display of corals you can check out!