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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 23, 2019
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5 Underrated Temples in Siem Reap that You Should Not Miss - For the Temple Chasers!

The Angkor Wat of Siem Reap is one of the best temples you will ever visit. Having said that, Cambodia has many other underrated temples tourists seem to miss out on. Here is a list of some places worth a visit!


Prae Roup

The Prae Roup temple is one of the top places to head to for an epic sunset view. Unfortunately, these ancient temples are quite abandoned, and people often do not know about it. People meaning tourists, locals love this place! The place is actually a temple mountain and is in a burnt orange to a red shade. There are very steep steps that will take you to the top! The view of the surrounding is absolutely breath-taking! Although the location might seem quite remote, you can still find some hotels in Siem Reap Cambodia, the likes of FCC Angkor Managed by Avani Hotels & Resorts, that is pretty close to it!


Banteay Kdei

The Banteay Kdei temple is located very close to the Ta Prohm or the "Tree Temple". While touring the place, you must pay attention to some of the intricate details of the place. The carvings on its wall are quite mystical and you'll be ready to try and decode and decipher its meanings! Although the temple might not be well renovated and in shape, the peace and serenity it offers are like no other! And that's exactly what temples are supposed to feel like.


Ta Som

This might be a small temple, but many people do visit here for a special sight. Wonder what it is? Well, the entrance to the place is completely taken up by a tree which has deep roots engulfing it. And this entrance attracts a lot of people to this temple. Besides that, the temple does offer one some calmness and peace we often crave in our lives. If you want an escape from the bustling city, then head to temples like this. You will love its atmosphere and aura that will bring a sense of inner peace within you.


Neak Pean

This is one of the favourite temples to visit by both tourists and locals. The wooden pier that leads to the temple is flanked by gorgeous views. On either side of the pier, is a very pretty lake with fresh blooms of water lilies! You can take beautiful photographs here. On the other hand, the temple itself was built in the twelfth century which sits on an island. The east entrance is quite captivating with sculptures of snakes and a horse!



This might be last on the list, but don't get uninterested because of that. It is still one of the best temples out here, which many people aren't aware. This temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva and now is a Buddhist temple. There are three levels to this temple and a very long stony pathway leads up to it. The steep climb is completely worth it and offers incredible views!