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7 Reasons Why Seychelles Should be on Everyone's Bucket List - 7 Reasons Seychelles is a Must-Visit Holiday Hub for All

As one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, Seychelles is an island paradise of unmatched beauty. Here are seven reasons the country should be on everyone's dream travel list.


The Diving Opportunities

Tipped to be one of the world's most fascinating diving hotspots, the diving opportunities in Seychelles alone make the destination worth one's bucket list. Home to breathtaking coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater canyons, the rich marine heritage of the islands make it an irresistible hub for scuba diving activities. Some of the best-known scuba diving sites in the country include Shark Bank, Brissare Rocks, Fishermen's Cove Reef and Trompeuse Rocks. What's more, those based at Avani Barbarons Seychelles Resort or any other Seychelles resorts can easily sign up for a diving tour to explore these iconic dive sites.


The Pink Sand Beach

Occupying pride of place in La Digue, the pink sands of Anse Source D'Argent beach is another reason why the country is a beach paradise like no other. As one of the most photographed beach hotspots on the planet, what sets Anse Source D'Argent from similar beaches in the islands of Seychelles is the pink tinge of its sand and the granite boulders found just by the turquoise water.


The Rare Black Parrot

Declared the country's "national bird," the Rare Black Parrot is one of the rarest bird species on the planet as indicated by its very name. In fact, the winged beauty is only visible in one location in the world and that location is Seychelles. The Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve as well as the Fond Peper area of the Praslin National Park are where the birds are found but rarely spotted. Known for its high pitched shriek, there are reportedly 200 black parrots in Seychelles.



Although it is a relatively small nation, Seychelles is home to not one but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites; this includes the second biggest coral atoll in the globe dubbed Aldabra. Giant tortoises are known to occupy this part of the country while the other heritage site of note in Seychelles includes Vallée de Mai. Some scholars believe that this is the original location of the Garden of Eden but most tourists head to this sanctuary to catch a glimpse of the Coco de Mer plant which is also endemic to the islands.


The Takamaka Bay Distillery

Rum production is another national industry in Seychelles and a tour of the Takamaka Bay Distillery is well worth the trip to the country. The 250-year-old estate in which the distillery is located in a historic landmark in and of itself.


Anse Lazio

Ranked as the "6th best beach in the world" according to TripAdvisor, Anse Lazio is a breathtaking beach in Seychelles. Sea turtles are also known to frequent this beach which is a prime spot for snorkelling.


World's Smallest Capital City

Mahe Island is the World's Smallest Capital and although the island is home to 70 beaches and exquisite shops and restaurants, it is the Morne Seychellois National Park which draws the most visitors.