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Spinal Arthritis Treatment

For a drug-free and completely non-invasive Spinal arthritis treatment, Exclusive Nerve & Disc Centers is a trusted option. Get expert therapies for Nerve pain treatment to alleviate pain, numbness or weakness. Restore the health of your spinal discs and get started for a healthy life.

All You Need to Know About Bulging Disc

Bulging disc treatment can be required by anyone at any stage of life; although the condition is more prevalent in those who are involved in arduous physical activity for long period or amongst older populations. To prevent the condition from worsening, it is important to understand the symptoms and causes, and know about treatments for a bulging disc if you think you are one who will fit in the said group.

Three Common Treatments for Spinal Arthritis

The most common form of spinal arthritis is Osteoarthritis (which is the noninflammatory or degenerative arthritis). In this, the patient is affected in his lower back that usually develops through wear and tear of the structure. When the cartilage between the joints starts gradually degenerating, it results in inflammation and pain. As the symptom and pain is ideally from a mechanical damage, it is more evident when you have to twist or bend over for any physical activities. Sometimes, the past back injuries might lead to the development of spinal degenerative arthritis.

Brief Overview of Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Chronic back and neck pain is a very common concern for individuals these days. If not diagnosed punctually, they can hinder your tracks and make it challenging to go about for any physical activity. There can be varying reasons behind this discomfort but it all boils down to how one holds them. Standing, moving and essentially sitting in the wrong posture can worsen the condition.

Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder of nerve(s) expect the ones of the brain and spinal cord. Numbness, tingling, weakness and unusual sensations are the most common symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Most of the times, the symptoms can be seen in both hands and feet simultaneously.

Did you know these four ways to kill nerve pain?

The peripheral nerves are responsible for transporting information from brain to various parts of the body, and any damage to their network can create complications in signalling. Painful or otherwise unusual sensations are the classic symptoms to understand there are some issues with the nerve, which is medically termed as peripheral neuropathy.

Numbness in thumb and fingers is often diagnoses as a classic sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve running through the carpal bones of your finger can be compressed for a number of reasons. inflammation, longstanding arthritis, gout and pseudogout are some of the common causes resulting in nerve entrapment.

Three Pillar Reason for Bulging Disc Occurrence

Sometimes, the inner nucleus of a vertebral disc bulges out from the outer layer due to a number of reasons. The condition is medically referred to as a bulging disc. However, it should be understood, it is not always that there will be visible symptoms of bulging disc condition. And, also while discussing this, patients should remember a bulging disc is not necessarily a herniated disc.

Four Ways to Remain Hydrated to Avoid Back Pain

The various water sources in the body becomes depleted when it suffers from dehydration. In its own course, the body attempts to divert the water supply to the organs that need it most; and in the procedure, spine is mostly neglected. Even though our bodies are designed to recover from the intermittent bout of dehydration, it leaves a disastrous impact on the spine and back musculature.

Six Reasons Why Weight Loss is Imperative to Cure Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease (DJD). When the protective cartilage over the bones starts degenerating starts eroding, it results in Osteoarthritis (OA) - and is the most common type of joint disease all across the globe. Swelling and pain are the key signs of the disease that can make life painful and challenging.

Four Regular Habits That Can Help Get Rid Of Neck Pain from Stress

Neck pain (NP) has become a common health issue for many - in fact, it has been ranked as dangerous as cerebrovascular disease, ischemic heart disease, and lower respiratory infection. Interestingly, mental health disorders are also found to be linked with chronic neck pain where unexplained dizziness and numbness, and other organic illness are common symptoms.

Four Simple Tips to Ease Your Numbing Hand

We all know that the nerves in our body are responsible for transmitting messages. When these nerves are damaged, compressed, or irritated, it can result in numbness. So, if you have felt tingling or numbness in your arms and hands, and has persisted for weeks and months, it is time you must see a health provider.