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IT Cost Cutting

As an Independent adviser to Boards, CEOs, CFOs and CIOs Abhinav Mittal help companies understand how much, what and why of IT expenses thus enabling business leaders in cutting wasteful IT expenditure form their Opex and Capex cost.

Reduce IT Cost - Top 101 Ways to Reduce your IT Cost in the Company

Reduce IT Cost - 101 questions for business and technology leaders to save millions in IT spending in their organizations. Buy book now.

101 IT Cost Reduction strategies that work without fail

I offer unbiased and practical advice to individuals and companies for reducing IT Cost & securing funding for digital transformation initiatives. My actionable advice can help your company improve profitability and you become SMART, GAIN Credibility & WIN Trust of Board, Investors, CEOs, CFOs & CIOs.

IT Services Providers – Proposal preparation - 101 IT Cost Reduction strategies that work without fail

I help companies cut IT spending by negotiating IT Contracts better, applying the best practices in IT Budget Management, IT Demand Management, IT Planning, IT Sourcing, IT Governance, IT Portfolio Management and IT Project Management. Over many years I have saved millions of dollars in IT cost for clients I have worked for.

An exclusive service for technology services providers and start-ups, enabling them to create a high-quality value proposition / pitch deck for their prospective customers and investors.

Four Cost Reduction Strategies For IT Firms

IT organizations face a major financial crunch because of unproductive cost reduction strategies. However, taking help from a professional will let you get a clear view of the extra and unwanted finances of the firm. Get to know more about brilliant strategies right here.

IT Governance for IoT Projects

IoT Projects Governance is an emerging discipline. Feel free to share your own experiences and contribute to building knowledge in this area.

A confidential assessment of your IT project costs to determine any fraudulent practices

A fair and accepted accounting model which helps you recover the cost of providing IT services to business teams

Coaching program for your IT team to articulate IT services in language which business understands, considers valuable and is willing to pay.

Coaching program for your Finance or IT teams to prepare a trustworthy IT budget

An independent and personalized assessment of your current IT costs in line with Industry best practices

An independent and personalized review of your current IT metrics and performance reporting to help you communicate value delivered to business in an easy format

3 Bs of IT Financial Management

Written by Abhinav Mittal, Abhinav is IT Productivity Coach based out of Dubai, He has a decade of experience in helping business leaders get more value from their IT investments

IT Governance for a Family Owned Business

IT Governance for a family owned business is currently very niche discipline and there is not much research available for IT Leaders and vendors. Feel free to comment, like and share this post with your friends in IT, and contribute to building knowledge in this area.