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Updated by Madiha Khalil on Apr 02, 2020
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Hajj & Umrah Travellers Guide

This magazine is here to provide all the basic informations about Hajj and Umrah travel. For more visit


A Short and Comprehensive Guide to Performing Umrah

Umrah is an optional pilgrimage, but still, it has become more popular among Muslims as compared to Hajj. Behind the fact, it has many reasons like affordability, physical ability, travel issues, etc. Most people prefer to perform Umrah rather than Hajj because Umrah packages will cost you less than Hajj packages. Let’s have a bird’s eye view on Umrah.

Why Easter Holidays are Best for Family Umrah?

Had you ever experience tripophobia? This happens to you when you don’t get your tickets booked currently. You may come across this when you see almost every UK Muslims booking online Umrah packages. Prevention is just simple; book your Easter Umrah Packages.

Hajj and umrah packages

Dua Travels is the best agency to book your Hajj and Umrah Packages from UK. We are ATOL protected and provideing best services on cheap rates.

Umrah packages

Get cheap Umrah Packages from UK. Our Umrah packages are designed, while keeping in mind customer perspectives. We are ATOL Protected and Hajj Ministry approved agents. Book with confidence.

Easter Umrah Packages

There will be no great things than spending your easter holidays in doing Umrah. You can avail our Easter umrah packages 2020 along best and unbeatable prices.

Ramadan Umrah packages

Every muslim is aware about importance of umrah in ramadan. Before it gets too late and everything gets more expensive than ever book your cheap Ramadan umrah packages in 2020 in advance.

Cheap Hajj packages 2020

About 2.5 million pilgrims attend hajj last year. You can be one of those if you book cheap hajj packages 2020 from UK timely, because the quota is specific for any travel agency.

6 Amazing Benefits of Umrah Performance in Ramadan

Every year millions of pilgrims perform Umrah, but why you see so many pilgrims in Ramadan. An accepted Umrah has a lot of benefits, especially in Ramadan. Almost 10.30 million pilgrims performed Umrah in Ramadan last year. That’s why you will find Ramadan Umrah packages a bit costly as compared to other months.

What to pack for Umrah with kids? - Dua Travels Hajj & Umrah Guide

It can be a little problematic for anyone to make arrangements for their infants on Umrah trip. Especially for those moms who are going for the very first time along with their children. Here I will mention some things that can be beneficial for you and your child in Umrah. Next time when you are going to book online Umrah packages, check these items before you leave for Umrah.

Best Month of the Winter Season to Perform Umrah — Hajj Umrah Travelers Guide

Muslims are not obliged to perform Umrah at a specific time. Although some times has more significant than the average to perform Umrah such as Ramadan. We are all known about the Saudi climate, and most of the Muslims, especially from the UK, prefer to January Umrah packages to avail Umrah. Here we will discuss the best month for Umrah performance according to Saudi climate.

From Eight Types of Tawaf Which One You Need to Perform in Umrah?

People make some very common mistakes during Umrah. Some do multiple tawafs on other's behalf, and some do things in a wrong way due to lack of proper guidance about Umrah. Tawaf is one of those points. Even some people don’t go to learn about Hajj after booking Hajj packages.

Before You Go Checklist for Umrah Travel

It doesn’t matter that you are booking an Umrah package or planning for a DIY Umrah you should consider these tips for a hassle-free Umrah. While you are still at home, arrange the things to prevent from the last-minute hustle and bustle.

How to Perform Umrah for Ladies | Ladies Umrah Guide 2020

It has some differences in dress code and some other Umrah rituals. Next, when you book Umrah packages 2020 you will have a proper guidance for Umrah performance after reading this article. I have mentioned here 10+ differences in a woman’s Umrah performance.

Can a woman do Umrah without a mahram?

But in the modern era, many people give argue that it is a matter of safety. If a woman is safe throughout her journey, she can travel. We should not take this matter lightly and do what our Islam teaches to us. Woman should take her mahram along her whether she is going to book Hajj packages or Umrah.

Hadiths about Zamzam Water and Its Usage

Zamzam water has countless benefits regardless of where it is deinked. Many hadiths and scientific reports have proven its positive affect on human health. Even it has been used by our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) as a cure for the sick. Booking Easter Umrah packages with your family will be great source of pleasure and to have this extraordinary water from Makkah.

What is the Importance of Hajj in Hadith and Holy Quran?

Hajj is of the five basic pillars of Islam. Allah almighty ordered to perform this sacred ritual at least once in life if one has ability both physically and financially. It is one of the greatest human gatherings. A lot of people can’t go to perform Hajj because of their laziness in booking Hajj packages.

Where did Zamzam water come from?

Zamzam is said to be superior over normal water due to its history. Every Hajj and Umrah pilgrims carry as much as he/she can to home as a gift from the soulful journeys. January Umrah packages are an excellent chance to drink this sacred water.

What to pack for Umrah | Umrah travel checklist

Selecting the things that you need during your Umrah and skipping the stuff that you don’t need in your trip is an art that a pro traveller do very well. Shortlisting your packing is as essential as selecting the right Umrah packages from available ones. Here I will mention things that you should add to your backpack for Umrah travel.

How to Get an Umrah visa from the UK?

Trusting someone and providing personal information is very confidential for everyone. Just like Hajj scams some agencies give fake quotations and ask for hidden charges regarding Umrah visa. Before booking for an Umrah visa, check whether the organization is trustable or not? Here I will try my best to mention some of the tips on how you can get Umrah visa UK in a safe and secure way.

Benefits of Umrah as a honeymoon of a young married couple

Getting interacted towards your life partner in a honeymoon trip is almost a vision of every young married couple. As a young Muslim married couple Umrah is the perfect trip to explore each other’s nature, learn something new about Islam, trying new Saudi cuisines, and many more during Umrah trip. Umrah packages all inclusive can be a perfect trip plan for any young Muslim couple.

How much money do you need for Hajj from the UK?

Nowadays in the UK, it is hard to find the cheapest hajj packages 2020 UK. As the numbers of hajj pilgrims are rising every year similarly the accommodation prices and flights rates are going to be high. Let’s have look at why hajj is so expensive.

5 Reasons Why You Should Perform Umrah (2020)

Umrah has many benefits if performed with full of devotion. It has amazing rewards that Allah Almighty grants to His pilgrims. Every Muslim has a dream to perform Umrah at least once in life because of its amazing rewards. Pick up the best Umrah package 2020 and gain the following rewards from Allah Almighty.

Conditions of performing tawaf al Umrah

Like any other thing that we perform in our daily life, from driving a car to preparing for a presentation, have some rules and regulations under which we have to perform the task. Similarly, tawaf that we perform in our Umrah pilgrimage has some prerequisites defined by Islam. March Umrah packages will be great to perform Umrah while facing the less of the crowd.

10 Most Holy Places to Visit in Makkah during Umrah (2020)

Every pilgrim that is going to travel for Umrah Masjid-al-Haram and Masjid-al-Nabawi is the most sacred places in Makkah and Madinah. There are a lot of landmarks that you should see before or after your Umrah performance. All you have to do is book an affordable Umrah package and get up early.

Umrah Clothing Guide for Ladies | Dos and Don’ts

The origin of the word ‘Ihram’ is the Arabic language in which that means ‘not to desecrate’. Ihram is not a specific dress instead it is a sacred state in which one has to enter in order to perform Umrah pilgrimage.
In-state of ihram some things become forbidden for a Muslim until one exit from the state of ihram. To perform an accepted Ramadan Umrah 2020 you should follow the rules of ihram.