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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 21, 2019
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7 Reasons You Should Consider Co-living - The modern living space!

Co-living is increasing in major metropolitan cities around the world where people with shared values and interest live together. If you're considering this form of living, here is a list of reasons that will push you further into opting for it.


Completely worth it, money-wise!

Not only do you get to spare on your rent, but you will also enjoy shared spaces which include a laundrette, a gym, convenience stores, cinemas and other major amenities depending on the type of co-living you are opting for. Therefore, co-living is a method where you can share all these facilities and spaces which you wouldn't get in your own studio or flat. If you're on the hunt for co-living apartments in Singapore, you can check out the ones offered by lyf Corporate for a good experience.


Networking and Socialising

Without much hassle and going out of your way, you will be networking and socialising without you even realising it. This is a very build in community and your friendship circle will expand.


All covered

The best part of co-living is that everything is paid as part of the monthly billing cycle. You do not have to start paying things on your own for all the major amenities you're using. You can share it with your housemate, and you will find your savings account having quite a lumpsum amount of cash!


Bringing people together!

Another plus point of co-living is that it brings all kinds of people together. We know, from early childhood, that eating together brings everyone together. With communal dining rooms and kitchens, you will never be eating alone, and you can have an enjoyable meal every day shared by friends who will be like your family.


Know they neighbour!

Surveys have shown that young professionals have never taken the time to speak to their neighbours. And people who do so, often just engage in a small talk here and there. You should be able to communicate with people that live in such close proximity. And with co-living, you will be living with like-minded individuals and therefore, having conversations with neighbours and getting to know them is easier than ever before.


Cleaning? Not to worry!

With a busy work schedule, it is sometimes very difficult to schedule for cleaning your space, which you know is of vital importance. With co-living, some places offer cleaning as part of their services and this will take loads off the mind. If you're interested in this type of services, you can sign up for it when you move in.


Casual Collisions

Google is quite big on casual collision. Steve Jobs once stated that creativity often comes from meetings that are spontaneous and discussions which are quite random. These chance encounters can be your next big step for an exciting career or personal growth. With so- living the chances for a casual collision is much higher than when you are living on your own!