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Less Known Facts About Perth - A whole new perspective to this capital!

The capital of Western Australia, Perth, has so much to offer tourists. So much so that, you have to spend a week or two to fully explore it. Here is a list of the lesser-known facts of this beautiful city.


Largest city park

Did you know that Perth is home to the world's biggest city park? The King's Park located here is even bigger than Central Park in New York. The garden here overlooks the city and one can have a spectacular view at any time from any point of these gardens. You must pack a picnic, spread out a blanket and enjoy the weather and the views.


Very Close to Bali, more than you think!

We know that people from Australia have an affinity towards Bali. And due to its geographic location, which is between East Australia and Southeast Asia, you can easily reach Bali. Do you know how long it takes? It's just three hours and nothing more. When booking accommodation in this city, you must always look for centrally located apartment hotels in Perth. These will be much more convenient. For instance, you can look at properties like Citadines St Georges Terrace Perth, for a start.


The largest gold producer

This might come off as a surprise to you, but Perth is the largest gold producer in the world today. The Kalgoorlie Mine which was established back in the 1880s during the gold rush period. You will be absolutely thrilled to visit the places here which have a rich history. Make sure to head to the Super pit which is a fabulous mining pit that stretches for about 3 1/2 km in 1 km deep. And guess what? This is the biggest man-made structure in the world today and it is said that it can be seen even from space!



Not something you come across easily, do you? Well, that's because this is the only unique place on the planet where you can find these cuddly creatures. If you thought Australia is just about koalas and kangaroos, you thought wrong and now you have to add these adorable creatures onto the list.



Perth has an incredible climate! Gets lots of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia. This means you can spend a lot of time outdoors as long as you want. And with having so many outdoor activities, the sunshine really helps to cover a lot of it!


Isolated city

There is a common misconception that Perth is the most isolated city on the planet. But this is wrong as the title belongs to Honolulu in Hawaii. It actually is the 2nd most isolated. Having said that, this city is said to be the fastest-growing capital of this country and the 4th city here to reach 2 million people according to the local statistics. With its lush green landscape and an incredible coastal line, it doesn't surprise why this place has becoming so popular.