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Updated by Sox Erosion Solutions on Feb 27, 2020
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Shoresox: How It Works And Its Benefits

There are a variety of strategies that were created to control shoreline erosion. However, not all of these techniques are particularly good for the environment and are good protection methods against the erosion of a shoreline.Shoresox is one permanent and eco-friendly form of erosion-control that is available. It is an incredibly effective approach to reclaim shorelines and stop them from eroding.

Soil Erosion: Effective Ways to Control and Prevent It

The idea of organic looking soil erosion prevention continues with the Dredgesox. This method employs a similar method and strategy that is used by the Shoresox. The same method of applying burlap fabrics along the shoreline, extending it; the only difference is that the company sucks sediment from the bottom of the waterway and using it to fill the fibers.

Comprehensive Environmental Restoration Services At SOX Erosion Solutions

SOX Erosion Solutions provides cost-effective environmental restoration services. Being a reliable erosion product distributor, at SOX Erosion Solutions™, we control activities such as undermining erosion, dune repairs, canal bank restoration in Florida along with comprehensive environmental restoration services.

Why Are Wetlands Important?

Wetlands are amazing features of the natural landscape that provide immense benefits for both people and for wildlife. Some of these functions include protecting and improving water quality and purity, providing fish and other wildlife habitats, maintaining surface water flow during dryer periods and storing floodwaters.

What is Environmental Restoration Services

Wetlands are being used worldwide, often making them unsustainable and many ecosystems are at risk of being lost forever. The ecosystems are no longer able to provide essential elements – like food, pure water, carbon storage, climate regulation, wildlife habitat, and crop pollination.

The DredgeSox Erosion Control System

DredgeSOX Erosion Control is performed with a double layer of knitted polypropylene mesh that is filled by dredging shallow sediment into the containment unit.

Rising Water – How To Save Our Cities From Rising Seas

Living shorelines are awesome solutions against rising waters, but they are not ideal in all situations. For instance, for the protection of New York City, a mixed solution offers the best protection: a set of artificial protections together with natural ones will work successfully in case of powerful hurricanes.

Pond and lake restoration – what you should know

Lakes are habitats for important ecosystems and an immense variety of plants and animals. Lakes are often faced with damage caused by excessive urbanization, industrial activity, and disturbed ecology. Urban lakes are some of the most sensitive ecosystems in modern society and are often protected by land restoration trusts.

The Best Way to Protect Your Shoreline

Protect the shoreline with the help of wetland plants or artificial materials, like rip-rap or bulkheads. In hiring an innovative and knowledgeable erosion company, you can ensure your shorelines stay intact for years to come.

The Soil Erosion Problem and How To Solve It

Soil erosion is a natural process. The topsoil, also known as the upper-most layer of the ground, is continuously damaged, repaired and moved from one spot to another. This naturally occurring phenomenon has an important role in replenishing the nutrients, thus providing a better environment for all forms of life.

Coastal erosion – Natural Causes

Climate change is expected to impact coastal erosion in various ways. The main focus is sea-level rise, which is a problem in many areas of the world. The changes will also focus on meteorological conditions – temperature, wind, and precipitation. Extreme conditions are of particular importance, as they have a massive negative effect on shorelines.

Find Environmentally Safe Products and Long-lasting Solutions

Here at SOX Erosion Solutions we have found the antidote for unsightly and dangerous shorelines with a portfolio of products that are presenting new and profitable business opportunities for those seeking to gain an edge over competition.

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