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#RuralHealthChat: Access to Funding for Rural Health Projects

The Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub) hosted a Twitter chat on National Rural Health Day, November 21, 2019 with NOSORH on Access to Funding for Rural Health Projects. We were joined by special guests from HRSA, USDA Rural Development, the Healthcare Collaborative of Rural Missouri, AHA Section for Small or Rural Hospitals, The Rural Philanthropy Analysis Project, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Helmsley Charitable Trust Rural Healthcare to celebrate the #PowerofRural.

Tweet by RHIhub(@ruralhealthinfo)

NRHD Twitter Chat is STARTING! Follow our Twitter Chat on Access to Funding for Rural Projects using the #RuralHealthChat hashtag! If you are joining us, please introduce yourself! #PowerofRural

@ruralhealthinfo Dr Jason Lofton Following from Southwest Arkansas (between patients). Family physician in solo practice.

@ruralhealthinfo Samantha here from @ahahealthforum. Excited to follow along! (Anyone else been part of the previous two twitter chats this week?) #PowerofRural

@MRBImpact here! #PowerofRural #RuralHealthChat

Hi there! It’s John Supplitt, Senior Director of AHA Constituency Sections for Small or Rural Hospitals. I’m looking forward to today’s #RuralHealthChat, and I’m taking over @ahahospitals for the hour. My tweets will be signed “-JS” #PowerOfRural #RuralHealthChat

Also, follow this thread for my thoughts during the #RuralHealthChat on these important questions of funding access for rural health projects – JS #PowerOfRural

Hi everyone, it's @ahahealthforum ! We're looking forward to an interesting and insightful discussion! #RuralHealthChat #PowerOfRural

Hey there friends! Let's do this!
#PowerofRural #RuralHealthChat

We're excited to join today's #RuralHealthChat in honor of National Rural Health Day. We're working to better understand rural communities because we know place matters to how well and how long we live.

We are here and ready at the #RuralHealthChat and are ready for everyone's questions and contributions! #PowerOfRural

Hello #RuralHealthChat! Thank you for hosting @ruralhealthinfo and @NOSORH

Welcome to #RuralHealthChat! We are thrilled to welcome our #NRHD co-host @NOSORH to help us celebrate the #PowerofRural!

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to our #RuralHealthChat special guests: Rich Davis @USDARD, John T. Supplitt @ahahospitals, Toniann Richard @hccnetwork, Allen Smart @allensmart6, @RWJF, @HelmsleyTrust, @NACoTweets, & @HRSAgov #PowerofRural

How this works: We’ll ask questions using Q1/Q2/etc. & anyone can answer using A1/A2/etc. & the #RuralHealthChat and #PowerofRural tags. Comments and questions are welcome. Let’s begin!

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Q1: Let’s start with the basics! Why is it important for funders to fund rural projects? #RuralHealthChat #PowerofRural

A1: 57M Americans live in rural areas, and they face challenges with access to quality, affordable care & with some particular health challenges. @HHSGov is making it a priority to change that and, working with local partners, transform rural healthcare. @HRSAgov #RuralHealthChat

.@usdaRD is proud to partner with @HHSGov to support rural healthcare #RuralHealthChat #PowerOfRural

A1: #Rural America is fueling an #innovative health infrastructure, from the more than 1,500 #hospitals to the 50% of #healthdepartments operating school-based health clinics. Check out the NRHD Key Messages & Data Points for more information! #RuralHealthChat #PowerofRural

A1: Because when rural America thrives-all of America thrives! Creating strong, healthy communities is key to increasing rural prosperity. @USDARD is proud to partner with rural leaders & improve quality of life through access to healthcare #RuralHealthChat #PowerofRural

A1a: Funding for rural projects is extremely important because #rural populations report more health-related disparities than urban populations, including poorer health and less access to health resources (per @NACCHOalerts). #RuralHealthChat

A1b: Funding rural community health is also important because racial and ethnic diversity is increasing in rural and small-town America, and rural minorities have more than twice the poverty rate of rural whites. #RuralHealthChat

A1c: Because poor housing contributes to health disparities, and:
10M+ rural homes have deficiencies incl. pests, peeling lead-based paint, exposed wires & holes in the floor;
1.4M+ rural homes are severely/moderately inadequate;
646K rural homes contain mold. #RuralHealthChat

A1: There are almost 60 million #Americans experiencing health disparities. Finding a local doctor or hospital can be a challenge in #rural America. For an in-depth look at #ruralhealth disparities, check out the #HRSA data warehouse #RuralHealthChat

A1: Our nation cannot thrive if entire communities are left behind. To be committed to health equity means funders learn from, partner with, and invest in rural and tribal projects. #RuralHealthChat #PowerofRural