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Classroom Resource Collection

A list of resources that can be used within a classroom to help promote/understand diversity and cultural differences within a society.

FIRST Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Youth Training - "Working Together”

This video shows how a group of young students must work together and understand their differences. Although they all come from different cultural backgrounds, they are all equal and can include one another in their group.

Mom and Mum are Getting Married

This book is about how a young girl who has two mothers. It talks about how they are going to get married and show young readers that same-sex marriages are normalized in our society.

Teacher Development | Edutopia

Edutopia is a website that has many different resources for teachers. It includes many different articles about how to teach your students and ensue they are in the best learning environment. There are articles and links for how to help your ELL students, dealing with race and stereotypes, cultural differences, and much more.

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This is an article addressing how to better understand and teach your students about immigration. It talks about the number of issues students who immigrate to the US can face and how as an educator your need to encourage and support them no matter what.

All Are Welcome

This is a children's book that discusses and incorporates the importance of be inclusive and not discriminating against others. It shows how we all live in a multicultural society and we have to welcome everyone into the society we live in.

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This video shows children's views on what racism is and how it affects our culture. It talks about how we should celebrate our differences and not fight with one another.

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This article goes over many topics that help teachers understand the importance of a multicultural classroom and learning environment. It also discusses multiple approaches and learning styles to use.

Whoever You Are (Reading Rainbow Books)

This is a children's book that illustrates that although children may not look or sound the same, we are all equal. It allows children to see from a young age that we live in a diverse society and need to embrace our differences.

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This is a website that offers different resources for the parents, family, and friends with loved ones who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. It shows parents many ways on how to support and go about discussing different topics with your loved ones.

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This is a video directed at parents and explains how they face having their disabled child learning in a standard classroom environment is so beneficial. For some parents it may seem hard to let their child go to school especially if they are struggling with a disability. This video discusses different fears they face, but reassures other parents the benefits as well.