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Classroom Resources Collections

Resources for my future classroom to engage multicultural learning

Bullying Prevention

Teaching students the facts about bullying and showing students it normal and it ok to speak out. This video can be shown to students and parents for an event to help make aware of bullying
It relates to diversity because diverse students might have a harder time to adapt and make new friends.

It's Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr | Scholastic

This book tells a story about different kids and how they are different from one another. This book can be used to explain that not everyone looks the same but are all special. It relates to diversity and how we are all different in other ways

Family and Community Engagement | Teaching Tolerance

This article gives many ways to have a relationships with teachers and parents and adding a diverse culture in the classroom and at home. This article can be sent out to parents to help educate them on the way they should interact and how you as a teacher will interact with the students. This article is adding diverse in the classroom and outside the classroom so it covers the topic of diversity.

I'm an Immigrant Too! | Book by Mem Fox, Ronojoy Ghosh | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I'm an Immigrant Too! by Mem Fox - From beloved Australian author, Mem Fox comes a timely picture book about how all of our lives are enriched by the vibrant. This book explains how each personal journey is different but in the end, they are here now. This book can be used to help a student who is new to America and your classroom to get adapted to the world here. This book covers immigration and how to help the students learn and adapt.

A TICKET AROUND THE WORLD by Natalia Diaz , Melissa Owens , Kim Smith | Kirkus Reviews

The book tells a story about a trip this little boy took to 13 countries to help explain the different cultures. This book can be read to students to help students understand different parts of the world and how we are all connected. This teaches students different cultures.

All Are Welcome - By Alexandra Penfold (Hardcover) : Target

This book talks about how all students are welcome in the school. They learn together and celebrate a holiday together. This book can be read to start students off at the school year. This will help them learn that they belong.

What does diversity mean?

This is an educational video to help explain to kids diversity. This video can be shown to kids to help them understand diversity in a cute and funny way. It will help educate the students.

Teaching Diversity to Your Kids | Parents

this article talks about how to teach your children about treating people of all races and backgrounds honorably isn't merely politically correct, it's the right thing to do. This article can be sent to parents if there is a problem in the classroom to help educate. The article can be an educational way for parents to learn and help teach their children.

Engaging Parents, Embracing Diversity | NASSP

This article talks about the way teachers and parents can interact and learn about diversity. This can be sent in an email before teacher conferences to help with the first interaction. This is an educational device for both parents and teachers.

We're Different, We're The Same (Sesame Street) - (Pictureback(r)) By Bobbi Kates (Paperback) : Target

This is a book that talks about how in the end everyone is wonderful and special. This book can be read to students to help them understand it is ok to be different. This will help educate and explain to students that we are all made differently.